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Monday, January 3, 2011


Winter brought a sweet, sweet snow
Dusting every tree and hedgerow
Whitened limbs with twigs and leaves
Envelope those who make-believe

Children warmed by hats and gloves
Are spying on the morning doves
Children’s tracks will disappear
Doves will fly away from here

A snowman built they circle him
And start a house of holly trim
He must be safe before next day
In case the sun comes out to play

Winter brought a sweet, sweet snow
Sleepy children still aglow
While all outside the wind is gusting
A second round of winter’s dusting


  1. Hi Dixie,
    What a thoroughly delightful poem. You transported me back to my childhood days. Actually, like I know you are, I'm still a child at heart.
    Take care and stay warm.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  2. How I loved your poem! It brings back memories of snowball battles, snowmen, and igloos built with youthful hearts - those were good times, Dixie!

    Your picture of the snowy tree is beautiful, and I particularly enjoyed the girl's image in the sidebar.

    The poem and pictures warm my thoughts on this wintry day. Much enjoyed, my friend...


  3. :) We have a very light dusting here, but love your poem. Best wishes, Julie xoxox

  4. Such a beautiful winter poem. Reads very well and invokes such a nostalgic feeling for me. Almost makes me want to go outside on this very cold day and enjoy the snow!

  5. Hi Gary,

    ...'transported back to childhood days'... what a very nice compliment! Thank you!

    Good wishes to you.
    In peace,

  6. Dear M.D.,

    Yes, I remember making the dove's call, then watch them twist and turn their little heads, wondering what I was! I'm glad those were good times for you as well.

    As most adults will be making resolutions for the new year, I hope you'll join us 'children' and make a wish instead!

    Thank you for your sweet and generous comments.
    In peace,

  7. Dear Julie,
    Last year you had this snow post with Eth... children bring out the best in us, don't they?! I was inspired to go out and make snow angels, but had no snow! lol.

    A light dusting is still a blessing to my inner child. Hope it was for you.

    In peace xxxoox,

  8. Hi morrow,

    Such lovely comments. Thank you.
    I hope you get to enjoy some of the snow as the days get warmer. I find it satisfying to the inner playful soul of yesterday!!

    In peace,

  9. Hi Dixie!
    This poem is so wonderful...
    I'd love to print it and post it on my classroom door with wintry decorations made by my students! Would you mind?
    We haven't had a snow day yet... but we've had several "dustings" so far!

    A wonderful weekend to you ~

  10. Aww, Maria,
    What an honor. Thank you, and I hope you and the students have fun!

    We're expecting more snow; time to get my camera batteries recharged :)

    Good weeekend to you, and Happy New Year.
    In peace,

  11. GASP!
    This image is magical!

    And beautiful words to match.

  12. Jaime,
    Thank you for the generous comments and your visit.

    It's actually a painting from a photo. Glad you liked it.


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