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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prepare yourselves

Yes, almost that scary time of year again. And no, it has nothing to do with the America Presidential election. Although I could place a few in the bushes to ward off the campaign volunteers knocking on my door, asking: "Are you registered to vote? Would you like for us to vote for you?"

That's right... don't even open the door. Four years ago they already knew my name, my home phone and cell numbers, where my secret diary was, and why I like red drawers.(Shh, I just had to let them vote for me last time, as I couldn't remember where my diary was.)(smile)

At my home there's certainly no shortage for cardboard rolls; half a dozen in a three day stretch. I know your thoughts! You might want to order some from me. Just enough to place in the bushes to frighten your own choice spooks. Yes, Halloween, here in the states... and maybe... coming to a town near you!!

There's no charge for the rolls, but the postage will make you think twice. So sit on your throne and reflect on what you need. Gives new meaning to: "I'm at your disposal."



  1. What a great idea. I think we will put some out this year. we love halloween

  2. Hi Bert! I was just wondering if I could hang them like wind chimes? Maybe add some spooky rattling chains...
    Good to hear from you! Have a terrific Autumn.

  3. Ah, excellent. My wife uses most of ours for planting seeds and cuttings but your idea sounds much more fun.

  4. My son sometimes asks if he can keep those toilet paper rolls. I guess he can start keeping some of them now and put them to use instead of carving up a pumpkin this year :)

  5. Yes Mike, it's going to be rather strange around the old dcrelief household. I've decided to spray paint my rolls fluorescent lime green and use the yellow glow sticks.

    Here's looking at cha!

  6. Sure thing, Paul. I use the paper towel rolls too. I roll my good linen napkins, then slide them inside. No ironing later for an family gathering.

    There are so many uses... your son is brilliant! But don't give up on the carved pumpkin.

    P.S. Love your series on the "Joseph" stories.


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