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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Burning Down the House

It’s hard to sit on my hands and not ‘speak’ when I see the government and Federal Reserve burning down the house. ‘The Fed’ as it’s called is a private banking institution, contracted by the US congress to do “their” job. We were sold in 1913 to ‘The Fed’ a company with it’s own interests at the forefront.

Now you know who owns you until they sell you to another. But they’re taking their time to make sure they leave no commodity untouched, while… burning down the house! Our house.


  1. to some degree i concur. but putting monetary oversight in congress' hands is probably a non-starter at this point. as a (yikes!) socialist myself, i think the federal reserve COULD be a useful institution in spite of the refusal of those who've chaired it to make this happen.
    and the bail-out bill is obviously NOT a step in that direction either.
    interesting page you have, sorry i didn't check it out sooner.

  2. Hello. Glad you stepped in to the dark. I was thinking of the constitutional directions to Treasury & Congress. I'd say Congress is haveing a blast right now, but I wonder if even half them know what's coming? Insurance companies next? It would have been nice to have ditched the Queen's knight. But family heirarchy of Fed doesn't convince me of the- whats the word I want- honesty? balance? equality? Stop in whenever you like; if I'm writing, just ignore the laughter. d


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