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Friday, June 22, 2012

"Britain's Got Talent"

According to my photographer who hasn't been seen for days ~ Britain's got talent. Hm, and where could he be? Occasionally I'll get a text message: "Traveling incognito; will send more photos as soon as I find my camera; ta-ta's."

This photo has a time date stamp of May 24, 2012. I suppose you can imagine my frantic search? After all we're now about 35 days away from opening ceremonies. It might help if I knew where this photo was taken. I'd call and say: I'm looking for a man lying on the ground, possibly drooling himself silly. Would you please see if there's anyone who fits that description and call me back?

Please, and thank you!


  1. Hi Dixie,
    Britain does indeed have talent, because, of course, I live there!
    And yes, the Games will be starting quite soon. On TV just this mornig they were discussing whether The Spice Girls should be included in the play list for the opening ceremony, as it appears thay have been snubbed by the organisers. What say you, Dixie?
    That is a nice photo too. I particularly like Big Ben in the background, as I am not in the habit of drooling over scantily clad females. Well, not often, anyway.
    Very Best Wishes, your way,

  2. Hi Dixie!
    Oh I keep forgetting that the Olympics are this summer! Now that school is over I can set my eyes on other things!

    I absolutely loved your Father's Day post... So beautiful ~ I smiled because I came across it just now after writing a similar post about "seeing God" everywhere!
    *Blessings to you always ♥
    ~ Maria

  3. Amazing what's going on in England this summer, isn't it? I love this photo, with Big Ben behind. Wonderful contrast to the (highly athletic) "beach volleyball" going on in the foreground. Do hope you find your photographer & that he has found his camera!

    PS: Loved your comment over my way & am so pleased you enjoyed the Spotify, which is a remarkable resource, isn't it? As for Mapping Wales/Tranquillo and "hippity hop," there is a movement late in Mapping Wales that absolutely fills the bill. If of interest, it's the music accompanying the animoto video here (scroll down toward the end of the post).

  4. Yes, Beach Volley Ball on Horse Guards Parade very soon now. It's usually used for the Trooping of The Colour and other important occasions ... so perfect for that particular 'sport'.

    I'm looking forward to the Olympics and not just the Volley Ball!

  5. Yes, Mike is right, they are practising for Beach Volleyball which I am amazed to find is an Olympic sport! That green, just outside the Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) is usually used for political interviews. Beach Volleyball looks like much more fun!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  6. Dear David,
    You are indeed a most talented fellow! In my imagination I see you writing articles of great importance.(smile) Speeches, travelogues, sports, novels, medical studies for journals; the list is long and helpful. Think $$...oops, Lb Lb.
    I'm not a big Spice Girls' fan, however I would not want to make the choices for who gets in. I do love Adele.
    Great, it is Big Ben??!!
    I suppose being a controlled drooler has it's merits, but that might also mean, political office is of no interest to you. However if you're into photography, I may have a position coming open soon!
    Thank you, David :)

  7. Hello Maria!
    Your blog has inspired me all through winter and spring. Ah, school is out; time for rest and recreation. Enjoy, and I'll come over soon to see the new post.
    Very good to hear from you! Thank you.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Susan,
    Thank you for the link. Seeing and hearing John Metcalf at the end of your series was like icing on a cake! Certainly a treat for me to be able to see the name, face, and music together... along with the exceptional interviews... a man of spirit!
    You were right. That section had the toes tapping... visualizing a field of flowers and children playing. Good stuff!
    I'm so pleased you visited, and cannot wait to see where we are headed next :) I'll just grab my summer sweater and be on the way!

  9. Hello Mike.
    Horse Guards Parade? Trooping of the Colour? (Dixie will Google, then giggle?)

    Must all houses of government be reduced to houses of "Dribble and Drool"? I've an idea; maybe next time we'll discuss basketball. You can then educate me on which department of government it compares with. :))
    Happy Olympics!!

  10. Hi Bazza. I have now learnt a new thing; read all 'readied' comments first!! Sure, sure - big clock - large green - lovely architecture - parading horses and colour trooping; what else could it be but, The Palace of Westminster? Really?

    I truly hope this has not been on your London Monopoly.(smile) Thank you - so now I know.

  11. Ah Dixie,
    Just got back from London after lying underneath a volleyball net.
    Thought you might like to know that in the TV show, "Britain's Got Talent", the winner was a dog. And quite rightly so. Although, a good thing that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, didn't compete in that 'talent' show :)
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Gary :)

  12. I agree with you about how " ... houses of government are reduced to houses of "Dribble and Drool". When I first heard that the Beach Volley Ball was to be held on the Horse Guards Parade I thought it was a joke!

    There are pics of the Horse Guard Parade (where the 'changing of the guard' can be seen every day for free) here.

    P.S. Don't know much about basketball, it's not big over here. For us it's mostly football (soccer, that is), cricket and rugby.

  13. Gary: That's pretty funny! Hope your weekend was good. :)

  14. Mike: Thanks for the link; fascinating stuff. Soccer, cricket, or rugby... no problem :)


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