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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In less than a heartbeat

In less than a heartbeat I took this photo not knowing how it would turn out. A split-second in time as the wind blew the snow sideways. It traveled down my coat collar threatening to end my trek out. It was so cold but too beautiful to ignore.

The subject was supposed to be a simple grey squirrel. He was smarter than I and scurried up the tree away from the strongest wind. That placed him on the other side of the tree. Do you see a squirrel? Neither do I; he was smarter and faster than my digital camera!

When I viewed the photo later I was greatly surprised. It has a look of having been ‘brushed’ by something. An almost ‘gauzy’ veil overlay the scene. It is the snow; tiny flakes so fast and carried in multi-directions, simultaneously that produces the effect.

In that moment I was transported back in time. Again I felt the snow, the wind, and awe of seeing simple beauty. Again I felt the rush of childhood and the excitement that a perfect snow brings; perfect because it felt magical. It felt perfect because the child within me rejoiced.


  1. I can see the squirrel from my side of the fence.

  2. I love the picture, with or without squirrel. The child in me would love to run through the snow :) Love and best wishes, Julie xx

  3. Hi Dixie,
    A lovely photo and a lovely posting. It is wonderful to note that the simple beauty of that photo; brought out the magical delight that rejoices within your 'inner child'.
    Excellent Dixie and I'm so pleased you have been able to use your digital camera.
    Warm wishes, Gary x

  4. Hi LR, that's funny; didn't think of that. I should have contacted you. He didn't look familiar; I figure he's a Allen Hills squirrel, stopping by to grab the pecans. Our own neighborhood squirrels are so laid back; a photo would not have phased them!

  5. Yes, Julie, you're so right. I felt like taking a bath it in.
    That veil of timy swirling flakes makes the photo look like a painting. Wouldn't it make a great painting?!
    Congratulations on your recent art award. Love, Dixie xx

  6. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your compliments. I really did hope to capture the squirrel on film though; such beautiful colouring he had, with a long bushy tail. I wasn't focused so much on the environment, until he disappeared. Retracing my footsteps, I wanted to leave this spot with it's pristine snow with glow.
    Thanks for your help regarding the camera too.
    Kind wishes, Dixie

  7. Dear Dixie,
    This is a nice photo and a lovely sentiment to go with it.
    I hope you can keep on finding your "inner child" and retain the sense of wonder of which you speak.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  8. Dear David,

    As a child I lived near a golf course. Every snow invited the neighborhood to explore the terrain.
    The trees in this photo really take me back to a day when my sled got flipped. A 'big kid' on his ten speed bike, looked back, laughing at how he'd flipped me. Ah, but next he couldn't stop and went over a ten foot embankment to the creek below. It's a great memory!

    Wishing you laughter,


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