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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wrapping up the week - bye bye October!

As a child trick or treating was the best thing. I wanted one more street to cruise. Please let me stay out longer! The community swimming pool  handed out Bazooka bubble gum every year. There wasn't anything at church - that was sacrilege, still. It was a common thing to use pillow cases to collect the haul - and that what it was. Every house on every street was ready. My parents waited at home to go through the goodies - not for safety reasons - my Mom loved chocolate and claimed it wasn't good for children to get too much. Thanks Mom!

Now days - a different story. What makes people think of all the devious ways to harm children? I call it blatant evil. It's just a play night. It's just candy. They're children. Stop harming them!

As you know Friday finds me watching airplanes land in my small, wannabe big town. There will be lots of children all dressed up - yes! It's great fun and it's safe. The airport overlook will be rocking this Friday. I hope I have enough bubble gum!

Meanwhile for those who wish - Friday is the "Celebrate the small things" bloghop. I'll be checking out what everyone is celebrating. Hopefully I will figure out how to post the linky tool this week(sigh). It helps you hop from blog to blog. We'll see.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I think we have an air show this weekend or the next. Jacksonville is the home of The Blue Angels.


    1. Would love to see that! Lucky you!

    2. I've seen them a couple of times in other states. I enjoy shopping at Target, which is next to the Naval Air Station. I watch the great silver birds take off and come in for a landing.

    3. I've been to the Naval Air Station in Orlando - many moons ago.

  2. i'm going to miss october when it starts raining in november and doesn't stop until april.


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