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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Corny Tale

It happened one Hallows Eve.  The wind was up, the stars twinkled, and the moon was a gold-ish orange. Along a forest path traveled three rather corny fellas. They were on their way to the store to purchase candy. One spoke to the the other two, "I don't know how we forgot to buy candy." The other two laughed as they continued the walk to town.

By and by noticing that children were following them, one spoke, " You know, they say we look just like candy corn?"  The other two laughed and laughed, and they continue walking along. When they arrived at the store one went in while the others stayed outside. The children began taunting them, acting as if they might take a bite out of them. The two were a bit shaken, but just in time the one came from the store and they hurried along.

Once at home they divided the candy into individual bags, snickering and giggling as they did. Pretty soon the doorbell rang, and as one opened the door the children screamed, "Trick or treat!" The three stood there beaming ready for the big give away.  "Oh look!" screamed one child, "It's the candy corn men. I hear they taste very good. Let's catch one and eat him."

Immediately the one fella yelled at the other two, "Hurry, throw the bags now!" Bags of candy went flying out the door, some hitting children, some hitting the ground, but one bag was caught by the trick or treat leader. Then the three fellas slammed the door.

The children were laughing hysterically, jumping up and down, singing, dancing, and then... their leader spoke, "Hey look at the bag you're holding!!" One by one each peered at the label which read, "Candy Children - taste great!" "Ahhhhh, " they all screamed, threw down their bags, and ran from the forest.

The three fellas opened the door and gathered the left behind bags. The one spoke, "That was easy. Come on, let's take our treats and go watch a movie."

Really? You read the post title, "A Corny Tale", and expected what? A treat?


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