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Friday, October 31, 2008

Looking for the negative

volcano: Hawaii National Park

Emotions flow
From long ago
Never trusted and I know
I seek the negative

Reject the wealth
Of my very self
Placed on a shelf
I was taught the negative

It’s been the norm
Since I was born
I’m often torn
And doubt the negative

Ones who care
Have bid me dare
Come from the snare
Forsake the negative

The question starts
Within my heart
Could I dare part?
And trust… and trust…
Not looking for the negative


  1. Greetings dcrelief. I find a lot of meaning in your poem. When we have been subjected to a negative environment, we can believe that is the way things are.
    Yet we know we have a choice. Trust and pursuing positivity is so much better than being suffocated by negative speculation. Trust, ofcourse must be earned. When we have been let down so many times, learning to trust can be very difficult.
    I hope that I have learnt not to let my negative perspectives of situations overwhelm me. I do try to turn what may appear to be negatives into positive situations.
    Warm blessings to you my friend.

  2. Dear Klahanie: It is my trust of self that gets in my way; the stuff of improving self-esteem work. I thank you for your kindness and remarks.


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