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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Do you ever get to the point where you tire of writing? There’s no thought, no idea that entices you enough to sit here and type. It may be time to hang it all up and leave the blog world for good. Or maybe the stomach flu is winning.


  1. Hey dcrelief,
    I thought about 'blogger's block'. So I have actually written about not having anything to write about. Much to my amazement, I managed more than one sentence writing about the fact I have nothing to write about..I think I could go on and on..but I wont.
    Anyway dcrelief, perhaps you need time to reflect upon what you want to write about. Or maybe the stomach flu is winning. I will now bring my stomach-turning comments to an end.
    Hope you are better soon. Warm regards Klahanie.

  2. "hopefully" it's just the flu, as you would be missed.

  3. Klahanie:
    I read your blog and got a chuckle. Thanks for reminding me of it. Empathy for sure. dcrelief

    Your comment was very creative and gave me an idea. Thank you; I hope to share it soon. DC

    LOJ: I believe you would miss me; thank you...but I'll be here. dc


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