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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Appreciate All Life

The painting: “The Diver and Sea Slug”, by dcrelief

After many years of a medicated life and feeling numb to anything or anyone, I finally chose to come off of the medications and take my chances on finding some normalcy again. Yes I had some issues that had plagued for a long time that needed addressing. And I also found out that I had an illness called Fibromylagia which had induced my original depression. I wasn’t clinically depressed; however the damage done by the medications left me without a life. My mind fought hard to regain the cognitive abilities and my body, so racked by side effects, would never be the same.

Along came the day I decided to take up painting again and I wanted to do a study in black backgrounds. Reflective of my feelings at that time, black was invisible, which is how I felt. Since then black has come to be the very show piece for allowing my paintings, pictures, and photos to “pop” off the page.

This first painting called, “The Diver and the Sea Slug” was so easy and yet I spent three days fighting my insides, screaming at me, that I could not do a painting. I decided to just blank out my thoughts and let the brush and colors flow as they would.

I did the painting for a friend and his wife, using a combination of photos they had. I listened in amazement as they told of the things they had seen underwater; the precious view they had developed for all life. From the tiniest sea creatures and larger mammals traveling great oceans, to the very divers in their group, they knew each form of life has its own place of play and refuge. Each form of life has a place in the great cycle of existence. Though some may disappear and new ones come along, it behooves us to appreciate all life.

Hmm, each form has a place? I wasn’t sure of mine but this was a beginning thing to do to find me and see what I could be… again… anew.


  1. Hi Paige! I was just thinking of you yesterday. I'm glad you love this. take good care, dc

  2. Hello dcrelief. Not only am I a great admirer of your writing and I must add that your talents as a painter have been duly noted and very much appreciated.
    Speaking of paintings..The other day I moved my paintings into different locations in my home. Now I like to think..'My arts' in the right place':-) Hmmm..think I might use that it my next silly attempt at a comedy blog.
    Warm regards Klahanie.

  3. Klahanie,
    You do have a way with the comedy blogs; by all means... we wait in anticipation. I have always loved art; becoming a painter was a good choice I made. Thank you. Take care.


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