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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home is where the heart is

Artist unknown, photo: Hoodoos Drumheller Canada

No matter where I go I take myself. No matter where I live I keep every problem or secret that hides in my head… in my heart. I can no more be me without them, than I think I might be with them. All of my shortcomings will live with me, where I go, until I choose to let each one go. But today those same shortcomings do not define me. I can ask my heart to release kindness and empathy for my head that would lead me astray. I can seek others that give me hope that my life can continue and reap joy, understanding, and yes, love. And along the way I hope to give back during the clear moments to someone else who finds that they take themselves wherever they go. And may I help them to understand that home is where the heart is; not of a physical location, but within the hearts of others who share.


  1. Hi. I am a man whose heart has tried to find comfort in England. Sometimes my heart tells me that I should be back with my family in Canada.
    Then I look out at my beautiful garden, listen to the soothing sweet music of my wind chimes and think that my heart is home, no matter where I am. I hope my heart beats positive vibes to other's.

  2. Klahanie,
    I believe that no matter where you are, you are indeed a man whose 'heart beats positive vibes to other's'; your firends, deeds, and kind words are the proof. A lovely sentiment.


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