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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Our Lotus Life

Our life is like the lotus flower,
Each year is like a single hour.
The petals slowly open up,
And we are given breath to sup.

We float in water, waiting birth,
To share our beauty in the earth.
While in the womb, we often sing,
And pop out with our leaves of green.

The God, who sends us, is waiting there.
Who tells us to cast, on Him, our every care,
And with His will, we tarry long.
'Till we return where we belong.

We're given years to equal petals.
Our hearts grow up among the nettles.
But we survive to seize the day,
When we apply His loving way.

The years pass by and as we fade,
The lotus once so gently made,
Has traveled through the thick of night,
To arrive in kingdom's joyful light.

We realized we never left.
The lotus was a short sweet breath.
Instead we are the light of Him,
Whose pool of life we live within.

Our Shepherd bids His garden grown.
He gathers us about His throne.
Our petals shine, there's no more strife,
Because of His redeeming life.

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