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Sunday, June 29, 2008

What happened to California dreaming?

Sometimes I wonder if the whole world is burning.
I wonder why the excessive rain doesn't dump onto the excessive fire. Or send it to a drought tortured country?

Makes me ask the question: am I living right? No and that's the truth. Some things I get right but other things still trip me up. I don't see myself as a mentor to be imitated, yet I look at all of the kids in my family and think: what about them? Who will they follow if there are no nice people left on the planet?

For that matter what about the kids in Zimbabwe? How much were they negatively influenced by the "uproarious" election?

How tired and hurt are the children of Dar Fur? How lonely, hungry, feeling unloved, feeling abandoned by family, country, and worlds of plenty? I can only briefly imagine their broken, contrite hearts as those U.S. ships pulled away. To think of that one act of unkindness rips me to pieces!

G-d speaks about those with a broken and contrite heart. You might want to look some words up.

Then again remember that golden saying: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Just try. Keep trying. One spark becomes a roaring flame. Got any dreaming to do? No, then help someone else to reach theirs.

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