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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Out of One, Many

I enjoy the summer, and getting out in the yard to weed the stuff that grows the best. By far the easiest plant I deal with it this "Rose of Sharon." And at summer's end there are at least seven plants that have rooted from the main bush. So I transplant them all over the yard. They're all the same purple-pink color but that's all good. So you could say: out of one, many.
Hey, doesn't that phrase sound familiar? Like it's written on our money? I'm not even sure what that's about, but let me share something I recently read about. It will amaze some of you. Others will have already known, and, OH! the problem with trying to share new items of research.
I was playing on the Internet and typed in the following question: "where do white people come from?" Okay for those of you who just dropped your jaws, please pick them up because the answer is going to be important for you to remember... and you may need your jaw to drop again!
There were a great many websites sighted, so I went to the first one and jumped in. He was thorough and explained the DNA testing that accompanied the entire study which concluded: "Technically there is no such thing as 'white' people." He and his group have completely traced all "race" around the globe!"
I know you're not going to believe me so you go type the question in and read away. They'll tell you all about the sunshine you need, or too much of it; vitamin D and it's addition to foods.
I finally got tired of reading the exact same information from ten websites; all different professors, doctors, historians, archaeologists, paleontologists and ministers, priests, etc. There is no race; there is the creation of man KIND and WO-man KIND.
This is the same thing I was taught as a child, so where did these facts go? Further, I was told that as the creature MANKIND moved over the earth that DNA, reacting to various environments, created the various color differences. pigmentation adaptations. Environmental influence on the DNA transferred from Mother to daughter.
Quite a shocker for those looking for their skin color to build your platform, base your life on, or be considered "better off". Some of you may even cry because your insensitivity regarding dangerous situations for people of color deserves redress.
Of course there's the off-chance that I have offended somebody. I hope so! $620 Billion dollars to build "star wars" and it does NOT work. (Rolling Stone May edition). Dar fur is dying.

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