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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A moment to share...

I was straight from the city, she was country and lore
With peanuts around her, did she have any more?
I watched her intently as each nut she’d toss,
Just missed hitting closely, I counted my loss.

Engaged her in chatting to distract her aim
And hopefully fetch what I craved for my game.
Two nuts would appease me, lasting all night
And try to nab one at the first ray of light.

She whipped out a baggie and placed nuts inside.
Not trying to be nosy, but where would they hide?
The season for harvest had been in late summer
I’d traveled around in my awesome green hummer.

The darkness unfolded I slipped past her tree.
A voice spoke behind and said, “You’ll need these.”
The baggie was full of the best tasting nuts
Now every fall season we fill up our guts!

Seek to help: G-d says when you help feed someone
It is as if you are feeding Him. Thank you,

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