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Friday, January 2, 2015

a dream for the new year's meal... past

The peas were busy soaking,
The collard greens were too.
The pork was in the oven,
and waiting just for you.

You brought banana pudding.
Your deviled eggs were so sublime.
The napkins were so lovely.
You showed up just in time.

The lemon pie was tasty.
I didn't waste a crumb.
The peas that you consumed,
would make a body numb.

We laughed and laughed 'til dawn.
Then early morning light,
revealed that you weren't here,
and never in my sight.

But I had heard your voice,
and your laughter, a soothing balm.
A lonely thought emerged,
then disappeared into the calm.

(My cell phone is ringing - it might be you!
No, wait. It's the alarm I set in case I fell asleep.
Was that a dream?
What a strange dream.)


  1. was this about your mom?
    I do love me peas and bananas! Not in the same dish of course LOL

    1. Yes it was, and come on, you know you'd love... peas and bananas... in the same dish... ooh no... I agree!

  2. ...maybe life IS all just a dream

  3. Those peas better have been black-eyed peas! Isn't it good luck to eat them on New Year's Day?

    1. Oh they were - and a buttered wedge of cornbread on the side!

  4. I had my bite of black eyed peas just to be sure I had my New Year's blessing. I liked your poem about the dream. Sometimes we really don't want to wake up from them, or if we wake up, we want to go back into the dream.

    1. I agree, Linda. Then there's one that occurs multiple times but you can't get the meaning of it, right away, if at all.

  5. Funny when I lived in NC I acquired the habit of making black eyed peas for NYD. Collards too of course. Now, don't do it any more. Forget about it.

    1. The crazy thing is, Jo, this was all in the dream. It was just me for NYD, so I had cornbread, peas, and leftover ham. I also had leftover spinach casserole, which I counted towards the "green. "Maybe things were in the back of my mind. Or maybe I've lost my mind!


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