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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping the week - the year - the body - it's cold!

Of course, once again, visiting the airport is out. I did get a bit scared today when a plane flew over the house kind of sideways(?) Maybe it was going back around to land - not sure - but I felt the need to talk to the Creator about it.  The plane disappeared into the clouds and I went on about the day's business.

I've had so much fun playing you songs (those favorite tunes of mine). I hope you had a chance to listen to some of them. Which reminds me - to tell you - I've joined a group that plays, "Battle of the Bands." We post twice a month and you're welcome to come over and listen to the new blog I've opened up to post on. Hey, you're welcome to join us! You pick one song, done in two different versions. Everybody votes for their favorite of the two (tell me why you liked the one you voted for). Then I come back a week later, add my vote, and give the results. Come on now!! 

The men's shelter has been full for the last few days due to the cold temps here. That means the shelter I volunteer with is going to be full capacity tonight! I understand a three piece trio will play tunes. Though I'm excused for the month of December, I'll still send goodies. They need an extra breakfast casserole - no problem - I'm on it! All of that lovely ham I got on sale before Christmas, has purpose after all(smile).

A niece gave me some lovely, pink flannel scarves for Christmas. They are so warm and appreciated. Also got a penguin hat - complete with ear covers(and little balls!).

How about  a year end song for us - dcrelief  is nothing without the Creator above, and lovely people here below! I know you know that(smile).

In memory of my Mom and Dad, and for my little Love Bird friend, Brisbane... all Sinatra fans. (And you too Billy Pilgrim!)


  1. Thanks for the reminder of those who are homeless and in need of shelter, Dixie. Have a wonderful New Year celebration.

    1. You're welcome, Linda - yes they need whatever someone can offer.
      I'll be home goofing off - sewing project to finish! I'm content(smile).
      I figured out how to follow you so I could get your posts daily!!

      Happy New Year, and thank you for "joining my journey."

  2. We've been having an extremely polar weather front here this week with the temps never going above zero and dropping as low as minus 20*C, so I often think about people in shelters these days especially since most of the people who lost houses in catastrophic floods in my country this spring, still live in gymnasiums with no houses. Blessed are those whom you ladies over there cook dinner and take care of in these festive (and all other) days.

    1. Oh Dezmond - still in gymnasiums? Breaks my heart to hear that. But in the cold it's certainly a blessing to have a place to be warm. Do the families get to stay together? In our shelter we only take the men, because the women tend to fight over men - sounds crazy, doesn't it? The children get lost in the middle.

      I wish more places would get involved. This shelter has been opened 19 years. It's actually a free-standing gymnasium for a local church. But that's one church in 100's around the city. (I don't belong to this church or any other. I get pretty upset with the lack of love I see happening. (I know the Creator knows my heart.) The numbers have quadrupled in the last four years. I shudder to think what it would take for some to see the needs of others and respond.

      Thank you so much for keeping up with my shelter posts! I'll keep your country's own needs in my thoughts and prayers. Maybe there's a website for donations?

  3. Just a few nights ago there was a special on Jerry Van Heusen. Do you know who he is? Well, I didn't know who he was until that TV documentary. He was a songwriter (died in in 1990) who wrote prominently for Bing Crosby and then Frank Sinatra. Their styles (Van Heusen and Sinatra) truly complimented one another and Frank's biggest successes are Van Heusen songs (he wrote the music). Van Heusen wrote with a couple of different lyricists... Without looking it up, I know this one was a Van Heusen song... was Sammy Cahn (sp?) the lyricist? I think maybe. Van Heusen wrote over 700 songs in his lifetime, many of which became hits (and are well-known), won three or four Oscars and one other big award. It's ironic to me that someone can accomplish so much and NOT be a household name, but such is the way of the world.

    1. Definitely Sammy Cahn! I would loved to have seen the doc on Van Heusen. I can't recall the band director's name but he was important too.

      I often think about the works of Danny Kaye and wife, Sylvia Fine - there's a writing duo too.

      Thanks for the information!!

  4. happy new year dixie!

    i've enjoyed all the tunes and look forward to lots more in 2015.

    1. Aw - thanks Billy - us "Poguers" got to stick together!

      Happy Newest New Year, friend!

  5. Hi Dixie. The Come Fly With Me album was the first one I remember my Dad buying and for a while it was the only record we had and I played it over and over and I still remember every word of every song!
    It has been very cold in the UK but tomorrow is going to be quite mild so I am off at 10am for the traditional Jan 1st walk with my walking group.
    I with you everything that you would want for yourself in 2015!
    Listening to: Richard and Linda Thomson's "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" Hear it at
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

    1. Another Sinatra fan - Bazza, I knew the words too. My Mom played it a zillion times.
      Thank you for the music link!!! A pressie!
      Have a lovely walk - find some property for us to purchase! Or at least play more London monopoly!

  6. Replies
    1. It is, and warm, and... I forgot I had it on two days ago, and kept getting laughed at...(grin).


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