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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Goodbye 2014 ~ Hello 2015

As the last couple of days of 2014 leave us, I hope you can claim that your goals were met. I hope every challenge has been satisfied - and whatever that 2014 resolution was - can finally be written off at last. Meanwhile, here's a poem:

2010 - 2014
I made a resolution, while having no solution ~
Instead I said a prayer.
Time was moving slowly, my heart was sinking lowly ~
I refused to feel despair.
Then the realization, of my true consolation ~
Provided strength and light to share.
The problem disappeared, and no more have I feared ~
Instead I've learned to care.

Happy 2015 to the ones who've "joined my journey," and to the readers that just happened by. Know that your comments are always welcome, always appreciated, and more than often - teach me something about myself or the place we all call home.

Taking a walk down memory lane with this song. Love the saxophone!
Maybe you remember Dan Folgelberg: August 13, 1951 - December 16, 2007


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Janie - glad you liked it.
      Happy New Year, friend.

  2. Yeah, nice poem, Dixie Polka.

    Happy New Beer!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I;m glad you liked it, Stephen.

      I don't drink - maybe, "Happy Root Beer?"

  3. Happy New Year, Dixie! Are you going somewhere tonight to celebrate?
    I hated 2014, thought it would be my year, since it was the year of the Horse in Chinese zodiac, but it was utterly crappy.

    1. Happy New Year, my friend! I am more than content to hang out at home. I'll enjoy my fireplace and Christmas lights, a little music (I've got some from your site to listen to.)

      I'm opening a new blog for "Battle of the Bands," which post on Jan.1st. (The blog will be on my list - in the right-hand column, here.)

      I can't remember which Chinese zodiac I'm supposed to be, Dezz! To me, they all feel like the "year of the chipmunk" - fast and furious!

      Will definitely visit Hollywood Spy and everyone who posts something. I love to read what everyone is doing. You never know when "the year of the mink" might evolve? What - no year of the mink?

      Four million visitors is not a crappy year. No? And you're always so well dressed! Whatever you decide to do - have fun - enjoy the moments as they connect - to give you great pleasure!! (smile)

  4. For Auld Lang Syne I'll tak a cup - of bubbly of course. I will toast all my cyber friends in particular. Happy New Year Dixie

    1. Aw Jo, toasting a cup of bubbly for me? So nice, and what's the chance of a few shrimp on the side? You won't have to eat many - 2 or 3 will satisfy me(smile).

      I'm so glad I met you this year. Happy New Year to you and Matt!

    2. Will crab legs do? It's what we had for supper.

      Glad I met you too

    3. Jo - the crab legs are wonderful! You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble(smile).

      Thank you!


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