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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Celebrating hope

We used to be a colony; today we're just a crowd.
We party on the fourth, and do it very loud.

The rockets glare and light the night; the huddled masses swoon.
A tummy full of yummy treats will have some yawning soon.

As day and night begin to fade, we say goodnight to friends.
Return to homes remembering, the hope this freedom brings.


  1. Very nice Dixie, Happy Fourth of July to you. We had a great Canada Day as well. Lots of things to do and a terrific excuse to visit.:)

  2. Oh Heather,
    Happy Canada Day! I'm happy you could visit; made my day. Thank you, and have fun doing those things you do. :)

  3. Dear Dixie,
    Indeed, "bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses", I believe it says on the statue of liberty. The great melting pot, etc, etc. As you may have guessed from my blogs, though, dc, I don't think that America has always lived up to the promise of those early, hopeful, and still to be attained, ideals.
    But here's to hoping, anyway, and having the freedoto do it.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  4. Hey Dixie,
    And here's hoping that you and your loved ones, had a peaceful and positive Fourth of July.
    May America continue to embrace the ideals of freedom for all of its citizens and for all of the world.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :)

  5. Hi Dixie. I think some Brits look upon America as a grandchild that has done well for itself, but still feel silently superior!
    As a nation, we are not nearly as nationalistic or patriotic as you are.
    Well done my child!

  6. Hi David.

    We have many people who came from France, the original home of the Statue of Liberty. The french found it obnoxiously large and arrogant.

    While studying United States history I realized how wrong some behaviors have been, and some continue until today. Like every government that's gone before our's we appear to repeat mistakes.

    It would be nice if we were simply 'world citizens' free to travel all over the world without passports. But no one country seems open to that future.

    So my hope is that everyone has hope no matter where they live. It's the beginning that's needed and not yet accomplished. Then again, maybe all is vanity.

    Thank you for visiting. I think the Beetles said it best: "Hands across the water..."

    Best wishes to you,

  7. Thank you, Gary. I question if America will get to the point of 'total acceptance of all,' including within 'her' own borders. As each generation moves further, from their original homeland, they forget the peace they sought by coming here...

    Glad you returned safely from your homeland to your homeland!

  8. bazza, bazza,

    Don't look now but I fear we're about to throw the grandchild out the window with the bath water(!)

    After reading the quiz answers on your blog I bow, easily, to your superiority! Thanks, bazza.

    (Don't get me started on the issue of nationalism. All is vanity.)


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