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Sunday, June 26, 2011

shelling out a memory

When I was small we went to the beach. I found a lovely shell, but one of my pesky brothers chose to fling my shell into a small pond. It skimmed the water creating ripples that eventually reached me, crying, by the pond's side.

Everyone tried to console me, saying, "one day you'll find another shell like this one." Years went by but no shell took it's place. Yet when I saw this photo from space I realized my shell had gone to heaven! Well, thinking that way, it seems to have satisfied the child within me.

Hey, look at those ripples! As they come closer I smile, as my heart is shelling out a memory. Closure is sweet.


  1. Hey Dixie,
    Apologies for not visiting your blog in such a long time. However, I'm finally getting out of my shell.
    I'm encouraged that your thinking truly embraces your inner child.
    Take very good care of you.
    In peace, your friend, Gary :)

  2. Dear Dixie,
    I'm afraid my brother was a bit like that too. But then again, many siblings are, I suppose. I think they call it sibling rivalry.
    Anyway, it is nice to know that your shell ended up in space/heaven. That's got to be a result!
    With Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hey Mr. K,

    Welcome back from your semi-world tour chasing those exotics... must have been exhausting! Well done.

    No apology necessary; most days I don't make it here, myself. :-O Good to know you're well and out of that shell.

    Happiness is a chocolate cookie,

  4. Dear David,

    To me, the most amazing photos are on the space websites. Then again I might be seeing things that aren't there...hmm.

    Sibling rivalry could be blamed for some of the shell-shock moments I've endured. (Shh, let's not tell them!)

    Sorry about your brother, take care...

  5. Hi Dixie! Well the bottom line I think is that siblings are jerks. Plain and not prettily put but in my case true and many others that I know of as well. Too many things turn into traumas and go unnoticed until we are older. Blessing is that you are where you are and that you are strong and self knowing. Take care sister in strife. You will make it just fine!!

  6. Oh Heather, you made me smile with 'siblings are jerks'. And thank you for your kind regards. I wish you peace & happiness,

  7. What a beautiful shell it grew up to be there in the sky. Sadly brothers can be like that. Love Julie xoxox

  8. The God of the Universe is truly AWESOME!
    Where can such beauty be translated into so many different ways and places!
    Very lovely Dixie!
    ~Happy fourth to you too*

  9. Oh, I loved this, Dixie! The picture is simply beautiful, so very meaningful. Perhaps, it truly is allowing you to know your shell went to heaven.

    This post is exquisitely lovely. Your thoughts so gentle, so profound. This one's a real treasure.

    Much love to you,

  10. a jewel shining through, how are you? I'm so glad you visited! Thank you for a sweet comment.
    Love, Dixie xx

  11. Dear Maria,
    I know you're truly excited to have that son home. Indeed, a happy fourth to you.
    Great happiness to you,

  12. Hi M!
    Such compliments; I must remember to remain humble. So glad you saw the wonder that I felt. Or did you feel the wonder that I saw?
    Love & happy fourth, to you and your Mom.


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