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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Mother's Day Parade


  1. Hi Dixie,
    Not one to 'duck' the issue or go on a 'wild goose chase' (always wanted to go on a wild goose chase) I thank you for sharing this 'fowl' blog regarding the "Mother's Day Parade'.
    Right then, I hope my comment was 'pheasant' enough for you, if not, send me the 'bill':-)

  2. Hi Gary,
    I'm squawking at the humour you've flown by me; whether trying to ruffle a few or egging an old (parade) tradition...not to worry; flap to your heart's content! After all, it's free range. Dixie

  3. Well, Dixie, I'm glad to see someone has their ducks in a row!(smile)

    I loved this picture! As always, you give me a smile...

    'Til next time,

  4. Hi Mattie,
    My neighbor has a 'street sign' he made and placed at the road. It has the silhouette of a duck and states: "Beware, quacked pavement"!

    Most people think it refers to the large hole in the road until the ducks cross! Traffic comes to a virtual halt in my sleepy village. Children waiting in cars get their homework done. Moms get caught up on updating their calendars. Gentlemen call home to ask if milk or bread are needed. You get the point, I'm sure.

    Hope you're smiling still.

  5. it's funny and ironic to see people doing these small acts of gratitude towards nature while large atrocities being committed against nature.
    I have stopped believing that small acts matter.
    World is beyond help.

  6. Desperado:
    Hello my friend,
    I cherish your opinion and sincerely hope that we are not beyond the help you would continue to share. My own opinion differs regarding the molecular universe and the integrity I view as a Higher Source of Creativity.
    Once declared, "It is finished," I now watch as the world goes through a phase I may not like but may need to experience. For me, all energy, through truth and spirit, is connected. We are the pollution.
    I am so grateful that you visited. Hopefully your comment will wake others up!


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