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Friday, May 8, 2009

Affirming the good things in Life*

Gratitude can help us learn to acknowledge what we have now,

face the fearful “what ifs” we create,

practice the art of acceptance,

and expect good things from life.

Part of my plan for moving along, choosing the goals and dreams I want, is to use “affirmation cards” that focus on gratitude.

“Today, I will be grateful for the choices available to me, and I will make choices that are good for me.”

Photo: I am grateful for any participation you’d add to help me spread my wings!

*See blog titled: “I have the making of a plan. I do.”
Coming attraction: “The Plan”


  1. Dear dixie,
    Sorry for not being in touch more often, but at last I have the opportunity to comment on your blog.
    So glad that you have decided to lay a firm path towards your dreams, despite the "fog" of your illness. Believe me, I don't have the same affliction, but can surely understand what you might be going through. Cognitive disfunction is something I've been familiar with in my own past.
    So, dc, carry on "affirming the good things in life" and you will surely reach your goal.
    From another member of what Nietzche called "the bungled and the botched".
    Yours Sincerely,

  2. Hi Dixie,
    To acknowledge and display gratitude for what we have is a powerful statement in maintaining our journey along the positive pathway.
    Making choices that are good for you will cause you to radiate positive waves to us. For that, I am most grateful to you.
    Take flight and enjoy the view of the wonderful world that beckons.

  3. looking forward to "the plan".

  4. Dixie,
    you insire me to move forward and seek hope and positivity. you show courage and strength in your writing :-)

  5. "A Day in the Life."
    Dear David,
    There's no need to apologise. I remember happy times when I worked, and the accompanying schedule I had. I had different goals then; a different path.

    Disability has a way of making life turn upside down. In my case I had to realise that the path I struggled to adhere to would no longer work. You and I know David, there are many paths through the woods.

    I look at this way: your comment is support for a path that I am walking on. No-one can ever take away your comment. It's a gift that keeps on giving, each time I read it. So I prefer to not think of you as "bungled and botched," but "brilliant and busy".

    I am always grateful to hear from a friend!
    Kind regards,

  6. "Klahanie."
    Hi Gary,
    What a lovely comment! You have a gracefulness in your writing that soothes and heals.

    Indeed I could myself radiating out the positive waves... and their return is pleasing as well. A pool of positive feeling.

    I felt my wings move and felt the urge to take flight and see, really see, what you're sharing. I thank you for such kindness.

    warm wishes, Dixie

  7. "Desperado"
    Hi Despo,
    Interestingly, it was after the third reading of your blog on the software manual/book, that found me wanting guidelines too. So thank you for that.

    Returning to my own little blogsite, I knew I would search for "the plan." It will be posted on Monday 5/11 or Tuesday 5/12.

    Bear in mind it is simple because I'm dealing with me! lol.

    Take care and keep smiling!

  8. "Rusty K Step by Step"
    Hi Rusty,
    You know, I can say the same things, about you, as you have truly been a rock. You stand tall and face things that I'd run from. You truly do take me "step by step" into a field of restoration. I've read every post of yours that I can find.

    You and other wonderful people come here and help me live a life. The least I can do is give back freely. Thank you!

    Love and peace, Dixie


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