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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh! Politics as usual

I used to write political posts
Until the day I saw the ‘ghost’
It carried chains and held them fast
The former leaders of our past

The good and bad, the almost sane
And many more that’d played to gain
The bombing ones, the shooting fools
Who let their weapons be their tools

Then as the past was gone for sure
Arrived today with more manure
Repugnant toys, demonic boys
All shout above the lovely noise

To carry on the plea they ask
That we forget about the past
Join our ranks, political play
Give the fun another day

Oh! Politics as usual


  1. well-said. good poem.
    i freely admit that i am one of those people who sees politics as a spectator sport with the democrats being "my team" even if my support for them is fairly tepid.
    i guess that's the game, get people involved in the personalization of it so they forget what's really at stake and how little either of the two ruling parties ever do to address it.
    it says a lot about your open-mindedness that you visit my blog and can stomach my partisan ramblings.

  2. LOJ: Your blog title is most informative, and yet it is the depth of your concern and exceptional expressionisms that captivate and shake up my mind, creating a thought factory!

    Indeed I myself feel compelled to be 'dispatched' into the various sites and videos, you present, in order to stay abreast of the beast we call goverment.

    "Spectator sport": [Bleep], you nailed it again. Jazz: lost in the trembling, tumbling percussions, waiting on the bass/base to begin its pace! Many thanks. dc.

  3. I'll be a happy man when i stop with the politics

  4. morris:
    Excellent blog site you have. I understand giving up the politics. Glad you took a moment off and stopped by.
    Most sincerely, dcrelief


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