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Friday, November 7, 2008

The deer and the hare

All day I watched them in the snow
Playing happily just so
A deer and hare; now could it be
Were truly friends, not enemies?

Flights of fur and lots of hopping
The day went on without them stopping
The sun came out and warmed the air
The deer was looking at the hare

Was it time to end their play
Continue on another day
My camera clicked, I froze in place
As they were touching face to face

I didn’t know if the shot was good
Remaining quiet where I stood
The two were bidding each ‘good day’
In such an awe inspiring way

I have no words that can convey
The moment took my breath away
In hopes I’ll look for them this year
The tiny hare and gentle deer


  1. Dear dcrelief,

    Firstly, thanks for all your comments on my blog(s).
    Secondly, I fully respect your decision to remove my comment on your blog "Friends of the Heart". Somehow I knew I'd need a shovel to dig my way out of a hole.
    Anyway, my old Dad used to say never discuss religion or politics. I'd like to think I have a healthy interest in world affairs, but suffice to say I'm sorry if my comment caused any unneccesary offence, or that it simply wasn't suitable reading for your blog.
    But on to brighter things. I think your new poems are really good (as usual). You would appear to live in a very pretty part of the world. I hope it continues to give you inspiration.

    Yours with Very Best Wishes and aplologies,

  2. Bless you David... and I apologize again too. dc


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