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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For love of self

It is good to take time out to do the things we love. I love the water, so sailing, fishing, swimming and other related activities are fun. Fresh air and sunshine are great for my health, even when I don’t want to go out the door. I take my kitchen clock timer and force myself to sit quietly for 15 minutes and breathe deeply. Invariably I find that once that first fifteen minutes passes, then I’m into another 15 without thinking. But this has taken me some time to do.

I get overwhelmed by a problem and cannot think of how to deal with it; how do I resolve an issue that earlier in my life would have been nothing to be concerned about? When did I trade in my peace of mine for paranoia? Or have I always been this way and only now that I’m sick is it so openly visible? I’m not sure.

My current step is talking with a doctor and people who seem to have experienced things like I experience. I also have friends who are not like me but enjoy similar subjects, such as poetry, economics, and politics, mud wrestling (!). And I have this urge to go horseback riding in the snow. What is that about?

So whatever adventure I’m on, on the day you visit, take time to look at the photo or painting because I’m probably focusing on that. Should you see yourself, feel free to let me know. Comments are welcome.


  1. in choosing to share as much as you do, you are being braver than i could ever be.
    did you take the boat picture? it's beautiful.

  2. Greetings dcrelief. As one who wrestles with 'the doorway or duvet' dilemma, everyday of my life. I challenge that overwhelming sensation of retreating under the blankets. Instead I embrace the simple pleasures in life. I am transported to a better place, a place of empathy, devoid of cynicism.
    I live very near a lake that looks similar to the one in your photo. It is named Rudyard Lake. It is a place of such beauty, that Rudyard Kipling was named after this place. His parents spent many a memorable holiday there.
    Despite all the traumas in my life, I truly grateful and blessed for the nearby beauty of where I live in this 'green an pleasant land'.
    Thank you for putting me on your 'blog list'. I am deeply honoured. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us. In peace klahanie.

  3. LOJ: thank you for your sincere comment; I am grateful to have you as a friend. The photo is from my cousin. dcrelief

    Klahanie: Rudyard Lake, how interesting. I'm glad you visited and shared your own life experience. Thank you. dcrelief


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