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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a beach I do not know

A beach I do not know
Is beckoning me to call
It has the strangest rocks
Not like a beach at all

The wind whips round
My shoulders chill
And I am found
Without much will

I leave to find a sweater
The fire inside is warm
The cabin keeps the weather
Outside, I am not harmed

Many come to heal here
Some just come to play
Others bring their fear near
And find a peaceful way

My head rest on my pillow
I’m thankful that I came
No more the weeping willow
Because they’ve soothed my pain


  1. Hello dcrelief,
    Oh the hypnotic allure of the beach. I have discovered times of great inner peace whilst sitting alone on some desolate beach.
    When I was recently in Vancouver, I spent many hours on a rainswept beach, alone with my thoughts yet befriended by the wonders of nature.
    Yet another lovely poem from a truly great writer. Thank you for sharing it with us. Warm wishes klahanie.

  2. Klahanie:
    Thank you for your lovely comments; as for writing, you turn quite a phrase yourself. dcrelief


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