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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Height - as in stacking up the boo-boos

Height has always been an issue for me. My fear of heights has deterred many a project from being
done. Strangely I can climb up ten feet on a ladder and be okay. Any height less than that and my legs turn to jelly, and my stomach turns. It seems so foolish, but I have learned to pay attention to all fears.

There are "heights" in my mind too. Situations come along and affect my well-being. I'm required to cross a bridge. Wait, isn't this, then, a "fear of bridges?" I thought of that and realized that the crossing was the easy part. When distracted by the height, the bridge disappears. A more serious situation requires more commitment. There has to be a way of reducing the height... a way to reduce the depth of hurt, loss, or whatever emotion I fear will result. Is that even possible? Did I explain it well enough to be understood?

In my life I think the space under the bridge, that makes up the height, is the result of my putting off the task of resolving an issue.   In other words I let things accumulate until they're harder or more challenging to resolve. So there is a away of relief.  And that's all I have to say for now.


  1. Same here,
    I have fear of heights but I do not
    know where this came from as I remember that I do not have it as a child. I know I miss out in a lot of fun things because of it.

  2. Dear Dixie,

    Perhaps it's not a fear of bridges, as such, but what lies beyond and below the bridge. Walk forward, smile, be brave and know you can reach other types of heights. Heights of contentment knowing you value yourself and others value you.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Dixie.

    Your friend,

    Gary :)

  3. Oh I do get you. I used to have nightmares about heights...I used to dream I was flying and it terrified me.

  4. But once the height has been scaled or the bridge crossed it's possible to wonder what all of the fuss was about. Like with most worries what we fear usually doesn't happen.

  5. Hi Ann, and thanks for visiting me. As a child I climbed trees... no fear of heights then, either.

    Should you discover any reasons, share, so I can check myself out too!!

  6. Hi Andrew; so glad you could visit. Very true about having/using courage, but does that mean I have to stop using the towel over my eyes when I climb??

    Some things are just blood, sweat, and tears.

    And thanks for the double entry to the giveaway!!

  7. Hi Gary; so good to hear the 'value' word. Often I forget that might be the wrench in the works!

    Most of the time I am very content, and maybe I lose patience(?) thinking I can't have all control.(smile)

    The weekend was pretty quiet, although someone stole my red rose bush... can you imagine... what, why? Just dug it up while I was gone.
    Thank you my friend. :)

  8. Oh Petronela(Unikorna):
    I would love to fly... but within six feet off of the ground I'd probably start balling my eyes out.

    Sometimes I want to believe I'm a mental giant and can conquer all. Still working it.

    Thank you for visiting me, and I'll be by soon. You always have the most interesting reads. :) xx

  9. Oh, friend, Mike... you hit the nail on that comment. I need to remember that things do work out. Things do pass.

    Thank you for that comment. I'll keep it in heart! Dixie


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