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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a must share

I've been pricing out solar, battery and direct current lamps for my yard. Along comes this brilliant idea. I simply have to share... a must share!

This is not my yard... not yet! These pots have been painted with brand name, "Rustoleum's glow in the dark" paint. I'm thinking that these pots must get an incredible amount of day light.

I'm thinking to use smaller pots that create a line of light next to my walkway. Or maybe some pvc pipes pushed into the ground. The plants are not a requirement.

(Oh I simply must break down and purchase a new camera. I'd love to share the fruit of my labor.(smile)) Until then... you 'all' light up my life.


  1. Hey Dixie!

    I just love solar lamps. Okay, not literally. Don't they set of a peaceful ambience. My wee folks love them also. Okay, not literally :)

    Thanks and now I'm thinking about a certain song by Debbie Boone!

    Keep smiling, dear friend.

    Gary x :)

  2. Haven't heard about this before. Googled and found it is in the UK too. Looks effective in your photo.

  3. Thank you Neva, and welcome to "dcrelief".

    Your website is very interesting, and I'll return again soon. :)

  4. Hi Andrew (Loki); I thought so too. Maybe you can find a figure or two that can use this paint! Yard art statues?

    I'm grateful you stopped by! :)

  5. Trimuti, well, you may have the very products I can use... but you're so very far away!!

    Normally I'm not big on advertising and such on this blog... but your timing seemed funny... visit again, but be you and not the company, please!! :))

  6. Hi Gary. I think I follow what you're saying but maybe only literally.

    Yes indeed I love the lamps you have in your yard. OH, and not to forget the little Noddy hat that lights up too!

    I know the song sir, sing away! :))

  7. Hi Mike. It does look effective and I hope my own results are similar.

    This could have so many applications; I'll have to watch myself and not go overboard, lighting up my life!(smile).

    Thank you for visiting. :)

  8. Ann, you're blog is super-fun! I just love the white and yellow porch!

    Hopefully you can use this application for a project. Meanwhile I'm grateful you visited. See you again. :))

  9. Wow, amazing idea. I might have to try this on something this summer.

  10. L.R., can't you just imagine the fun we'll have??? Maybe I should outline the gazebo!!!?

    Thanks for visiting. :)

  11. Oh Julie. wouldn't it be cool if you do a trim on shoes, maybe an evening bag to match???

    Enjoyed your recent post! :)

  12. Solar lamps are great idea. Maybe I should try these too?


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