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Monday, October 8, 2012

Market meet

Market time! Going to market for some fresh stuff and fresh air. Mark my words; "we'll have fun!" What's in your wallet? Be sure to bring some spending money. Warning to shopaholics: pay the mortgage first.

Down the highway, then through the countryside, many venues of Autumn stalls fill the roadside. Treasure abounds and that's where I go when Autumn comes. Crisp cool air greets my journey and I'm excited to travel.

Pumpkins and flowers... a visual treat and can I copy that masterpiece for my own front yard display? Of course. Orange is the color for unity and brotherhood. Think about the Buddhist monks that wear the orange robes. In my yard it will look like a bit of peace; something we all need.

I spied a concrete bench to place in the yard so I can sit and enjoy my display. It's small but weighs a lot, so wherever I place it will be the viewing vantage point for a long time. Besides the old wooden bench  has finally gone the way of debris. Out it goes to the side of the road where limbs and bagged leaves will also appear soon.

Market time! So many people to enjoy. It's like I 'know' everyone there... and they know me. We swap tips on planting, painting, and thousands of other ideas. One giant family of market-goers converge in a universe of Autumn!

Here in the states there's so much isolation today. People work twice as hard to survive, never getting out much to be with humanity. The weather is a big factor for the summer. High heat discourages outdoor anything. We've become so sensitive to the elements. As the old saying goes: "If you don't use it, you'll soon lose it." Therefore the Fall or Autumn of the year is a better choice for some to leave their cozy couches... and computers. If nothing else, I now have 16 new Facebook friends! LOL. Might as well isolate in the summer heat with people I've actually met. That's a switch. Bye for now.


  1. Love sunflowers, especially the colour and have a big picture of them above our bed.

    Markets used to be something special: the weekly meet up, but times change, even though I'm doing my best to 'use it' so I don't 'lose it'

  2. Hi!

    Although Brazil has not suffered from the global recession, I am part of the people who also need to work hard and dream one day to do simple things like go walking on the beach every day.

    I love the color orange.

    Kisses from Rio de Janeiro

  3. Hi Dixie. Is that your photo? I really like that range of colours and the composition. I might paint it!

  4. Yes, Mike, sunflowers offer a great sense of joy. Their color keeps me going through days of rain or overcast skies.

    This was taken about an hour's drive from my home. A huge market run by people who simply rent the size space they need to sell their wares.

    In this case I was looking for the concrete bench when the display caught my eye. One lady was going to use old basketballs to make one for her yard. I hope she sends me a copy of that.

    With the economy taking a long time to level out, 'op shops' and markets may become a stabilizing factor. Should electricity get outrageous(!) we might need a few paper books... keep that one in mind! Thanks for visiting Mike.

  5. Hi Sissym. I'm happy you could visit. You have some terrific blogs going on! Talent is your middle name. Looks to me as if you are already working very hard.

    Brazil is such a lovely place. You are living my dream!! Good for you. ~And yes, I too love orange.

    P.S. Thank you for having a 'translate' app on your blogs.
    In peace, Dixie

  6. Hey Bazza. Yes and the funny thing is I stooped down to pick up a quarter(coin) and there was the shot.

    I tried to frame it in the best position for this post. Too much junk in the background. Would love to see your painting... watercolor or oil?
    Thanks Bazza!

  7. Hi Dixie,
    Aha, for a moment there I thought you might purchase a pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie in honour of it being Canadian Thanksgiving Day, eh :)
    Isolation seems to happen in so many places. May you rejoice in the resplendent colours of Autumn.
    And I'm sure you will have lots of positive interaction with your 16 new Facebook friends :)
    Take care and please look after your good self.
    In kindness, Gary

  8. Hi Gary. I didn't realise there was a Canadian Thanksgiving Day; those pilgrims got around, didn't they! Happy day to you, Tristan, and Penny.

    I like making 'mini pies' with phyllo cups... a pre-formed shell. I bake them until they're crunchy. While they are in the oven I mix pumpkin, a little sweetner, cream cheese, and some pecan pieces together. Put the mix in a plastic bag to be piped into the little cups once they cool down. Pop them in the fridge... chill completely. Add cinnamon if you'd like, and yum!

    You know how much I love Autumn; thanks Gary. And hooray; 16 new farmers... help me.

    Take care; give Penny the Jack Russel and modest internet star a big woof and a hug :)

  9. Hei lovely Dixie but I want to be your Facebook friend too, how can I find have no "thingie" on your blog, a gadget towards your Facebook account. Kisses...I loved the Halloween poem :).

  10. Hi unikornia! That's so nice of you. My blog is not on Facebook, but I'll send you a friend request from there.

    I really haven't thought to put the blog on there; maybe I should. :)

    So glad you liked the poem!
    Kisses, Dixie


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