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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pony Tails

Hello! Alistair Cookie, here.

Tally-ho, off we go! (Do they really say that stuff in England?) Pip-Pippa, no, that's the sister-in-law to Prince William... Duke William... Duke Ellington? (Being four years old has it's problems; largely I'm behind in history, etcetera, ad nauseam.)

So the Equestrian Competition was great, mostly. Our cameraman was at the volleyball park again and so purchased this photo. But  it is one amazing shot! (I thought only the cow jumped over the moon... silly me.) My summation of the event: lots of jumping; lots of turnarounds; lots of high stepping; lots of guard rails knocked off;  lots of 'OH NO!' and then, I got busy.

Over to my left lay a large field of lovely flowers; their scent rising up into my tiny nostrils. Delicate blossoms and amongst them a smallish creature, not unlike myself. We're off to ride The London Eye. Horses? What horses? All I see are pony tails. Tally-ho, Pippa!


  1. Hello Alistair Cookie,
    Tally ho and a jolly good show! Pip! Pip! And all that sort of rot. I say, young chap, I don't know of anybody who actually talks like that in England. However, there was this American chap who um attempted to use similar sayings with a ridiculous try at the accent in a film named, "Mary Poppins". Cor blimey :)
    Ah young Alistair, me thinkest you have cast thine eyes upon thy young English rose with pony tails.
    Cheerio Alistair :)

  2. Once you are over 18, and in the UK, try going into a pub talking about fillies you have 'known' recently and saying tally ho! toodle pip and so on. Throw in a mention of Fox Hunting and you'll fit in perfectly, or there again ... :)

  3. Hot from the desk of the fabulous Sir Tom Eagerly:
    I say old thing, some of us Limeys have standards don'tcha know?
    I notice that canuck in exile Mr K above doesn't know "anybody who talks like that in England".
    He obviously mixes in the wrong circles!
    Tally Ho, what what what!

  4. Sir klahanie, you have such a way with words!! You're talking about 'Mary Poppins,' oh yes, I tried taking English lessons from that movie. What does 'cor' mean?

    Oh yes, indeedy-do, she's a sweet little girl. But do you like horses?

    Tally wow!! from Big Al.

  5. Sir Not Out, I'm only four years old. What's a pub?
    The fillies live in Pennsylvania, ha ha, though I live in France.
    Toodle pip? Sound like something I used to leave in my diaper:/

  6. Aw, Sir Tom, you're kinda funny.

    Mum makes canucks for breakfast sometimes. Then we get stuck on the round about roads... we often get on the wrong circle too.
    'Old thing,' can't wait to call Mum that!!! Thanks for stopping by; hope you liked the horse jumping the moon.


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