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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A play is afoot

Dixie here, introducing Mr. Austin Playfoot. He was chosen as torch-bearer for the 1948 Olympic games. Originally scheduled for 1944, they were postponed due to the war. Mr. Playfoot at that time was a member of the Royal Air Force (RAF)... and took leave to answer the invitation sent from the Olympic Committee. How ironic and yet lovely, that he was chosen to relight the Olympic Cauldron for 2012. Here are some notes from The Daily Mail.

[["Although it didn't die by accident, the London 2012 Olympic flame had to be extinguished for security reasons on Sunday evening.

By tradition, the Olympic flame must be kept burning inside its cauldron for the duration of the games, but technicians had to put it out while they moved the vessel to a new location inside London's Olympic stadium, the Daily Mail reports.

Before cutting the gas, torch bearer Austin Playfoot transferred the flame to an Olympic torch. Playfoot, who was a torch bearer for the games in 2012 and 1948, re-lit the flame from a cherry picker once the cauldron was moved.

The cauldron now burns in the southern end of the stadium — meaning that the Olympic flame is still not available to the many visitors who lack tickets to the Olympic Stadium.]]

"'When I ran with the Olympic Flame in Guildford I never thought I would get this close to the Cauldron," Playfoot says in The Daily Mail. "It brought me to tears when it lit up."

Mr. Austin Playfoot, a person of interest, with some 64 years between the two lighting-s and it would seem to have the same warm appeal. Congratulations of another round well done.


  1. Dear Dixie,
    What a lovely story. Mr. Playfoot must have seen a lot in the intervening years between the Games of '48 and 2012. It must have been a proud moment for him when he relit the flame.
    All the best to you, Dixie, and I'm looking forward to your next interesting Olympic report,

  2. A great moment for Mr Playfoot. But how the Olympics have changed since 1948 when the athletes were amateurs and McDonalds and Coca-Cola didn't rule the roost. I was reading that back then GB competitors had to provide their own kit. It was the pride of taking part that mattered and not the commercial deals that follow.

  3. I saw him being interviewed and he seemed like a charming, modest man.
    I'm off to Olympic Judo tomorrow morning - that should be fun!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  4. David, you're so right. Thank you and hope there's more to peak your interest! (In the Olympics.)

  5. Quite right, Mike. I was reading today where a politician in the USA wants Olympians to be exempt from being taxed on their medals and monetary awards from the IOC.
    Thanks for visiting!

  6. Yes, Bazza, a delightful man... glad you saw the interview.
    Bonsai friend... grab some serious shut-eye; early day for you!!


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