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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a "looney" tune?

Brought to you by the 21st century "Union" label.

I'm a prepper;
she's a prepper;
wouldn't you like to be a prepper too?


  1. Love how you have 'doctored' a certain commercial's theme tune:-)
    Salt and prepper...

  2. Looks like they've got a very efficient production line going there. I enjoyed the humor in this clever posting. You made me wish for a Dr. Pepper too, lol! Brenda

  3. Gary: I might not get sued much over this tune, however I kind of borowed the toon too.
    The drawing was on the "USA Super Strategic Air Force Space Command" website. No joke.
    The cartoon depicts the planned future of robots replicating themselves.
    Of(AI) artificial intelligence they will be able to learn from their own contructive mistakes and implement necessary change for an improved product... physically and mentally.
    The website has since diasppeared. "Space Command" has been placed on hold, with the exception of recruiting. They're particularly interested in young people who can text simultaneously both hands! Want a job?

  4. Brenda, we all need the good doctor! Captain Chaos, Bob and Doug, Speed Racer, Dr Who, and any other hero that will know how to turn off robots!
    "Preppers" write the programs and download them. Check please!


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