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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can tell the farce from the trees...

Farce: 1- A play marked by broadly satirical comedy and improbable plot. 2- The broad humor characteristic of farce or pretense. 3- A ridiculous action, display or pretense; farcical.

I can tell the farce (forests) from the trees. What I can’t tell is: why do people who climb the trees, turn around, and then cut them down?

Yes! Some people expend great amounts of energy to surround their trees with others. Lives upon lives are added and the play spends tighter; the plot thickens. This then is the farce; the farce of no return for many. People ensnared in the farce.

Loss becomes so much fun for the farce lovers; they wait patiently to down that tree. Bring the large axe and a long wagon to haul the timber to the river.

Prime each timber, telling them, they shall be great soon. They shall be great fun. Tease them with moments they’ve wondered about. Dare they ask, risking a barrage of unkind words? No they are silent; fearing that the farce will not be with them anymore. The great farce addiction is about to hurt them; they know. They steady themselves and wait for the axe first blow.

A chop, chop, chop, is heard above the silent weeping, as so many send great thoughts skyward. Forgive the climber. Forgive the primer. Fall, do not bow, at this farcical moment. In a tree, close by, sits a climber who denies any part of the hate that is happening. (Such charming chops, he thinks.)

“There’s never been a farce or a ruse or a joke better than this; silly others believing such dribble. All the timber had to do was stand there and be silent. I would have let them live. I could have”. He glanced to the right, watching as another farce fell, and smiled.



  1. Great post. I would like to tell you that in my country, deforestation is terrible. We have lost millions of hectares of forests and now we are complaining of floods and climate change. Such a ridiculous action! Hope more people will read your blog.

  2. With every 'farce' or pretense, there's usually something (or someone) taking a direct hit with the process. There's no avoiding it. We live in a world filled with 'farcical' motives and thoughts, and we each have to be able to tell the 'farce from the trees'...

    You've made me think with this one, Dixie. There is a wealth of meaning in this post...more than meets the eye, I'd say.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. I can remember when one did not have to be forever on guard in an attempt to figure out which is the forest and which is a farce meant to target you as a victim. Now it seems there are so many scams, dishonest frauds, and parasites just waiting to take advantage of the unsuspecting. I miss the days when a person did not have to analyze people's motives in order to stay ahead in the game! Brenda

  4. Hi Jun,
    Just as there is a story behind my post, there is also a story behind deforestation. The bigger issue to me is: whatever happened to respect? What happened to nurturing lives, and land?
    Sadly, I'm probably one of those people that this crime of deforestation is done for. I must rethink this throught.
    thank you so much

  5. Hello Mattie: good to know you have your own boots to go tromping around the farse! lol.
    If I write one more word, I might end up witing a hundred more. So let me just express how grateful I am for your inquisitive comments.
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  6. Brenda: You have nailed it.
    When I was reading your poem about the "Mountain Lion" I felt safer.
    The unpredictability of some people causes stress. In my case I'm getting better at knowing my intiial reactions to things, but I'm basically crazy. (a good crazy)
    My own special definition of crazy actually keeps me sane (shh, don't tell).
    However I am concerned about my 'mouse', as I caught him with a "delete" in his pocket. ;}

  7. Farce or sincerity. It is sad commentary on this world that we have to be on guard for those who allege to be of noble quality, yet have a hidden agenda. It can make us all too cynical when we have trusted someone only to catch them out with their real motives.
    Dixie, I know that through your own life experiences, you have come to the realisation that those who display genuine care for their fellow man, are a precious commodity that is truly cherished.
    I send you warm thoughts, Gary

  8. Dear Gary: Excellent points!
    ["Farse or sincerity"] did not register when I was writing my post. I had been journaling on "predators within my families", and the multi-generations involved in this atrocity.
    Sincerity, genuine care, cherished commodities... all definitions appear distorted by these family members. Thank you Gary for these points to ponder.
    Peaceful thoughts to you,

  9. Thanks again Gary. dc

  10. My pleasure 'dc'.
    I send you peaceful, contented wishes:-)

  11. This poem of a post is still seeping its way to my roots - give me time. People and their unknown agendas is the deep impenetrable forest of this life, it can't be any other way. We are very lucky if we can support other peoples agenda without getting abused, but not to try means a life of suspicion and mistrust. I often wish I had more.

  12. corfubob,

    First, that's an interesting name. Reminds me of Greece; lovely land.

    I got a bit tickled when you said:
    "I often wish I had more."
    I wondered, more support, my abuse, more suspicion, more mistrust, or more wishes. =)

    Glad you visited and thank you for laeving a comment; good luck with the seeping.
    Most sincerely,


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