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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My best reality...

Painting by dcrelief: "The Abandoned Boat" posted to Zimbio May 01, 2008

Recently I’ve experienced what I call, “my late night search.”
Hours up, hours down, yet still looking for happiness answers.
I’ve tried people, places, and things to give me what I desire.
What do I desire?

I desire the feeling I had when I began to write over the internet.
That first feeling that I did not know would arrive: joy.
My “Higher Power” and I made a few plans, but mostly, I simply wrote.
I need that joyful feeling back in my life.

Many have spoken to me, advised me, supported me, and have shown love.
Why can’t that be enough?
It is enough, when I allow my “Higher Power” to interpret and guide me.
I get lost when I ignore what I’ve proven carefully, personally, to myself.

I would sit down at my keyboard and it would become much like a virtual piano.
I typed as if each post was a song that I only played for my Higher Power.
The melodies were strong, the words flowed freely; I felt complete.
My best reality… I felt complete. What's next?


  1. whew......can surely relate.


  2. Your painting is simply beautiful. How talented you are!(smile) The subtle coloring of the sky, the deep blueness of the water...very lovely!

    I think your artistry has shown you the path to happiness...through painting and writing. Only one who finds joy in their work could do it so well. By sharing your talents with the world, you're 'finding' your way, your sense of direction in life. Don't give it up! You're great!

    I was very moved by the words, you 'felt complete'. There's not many of us can say that. Though you may question things from time to time...your greatest masterpiece, your most melodic virtuoso is in the making.(smile)

    I truly enjoyed stopping by to read your blog this morning. It was my pleasure...

    'Til next time,

  3. Paige,
    Once again, we're on the same "page" searching?

    avoid my mistakes,

  4. Dear Mattie,

    Your comments touched my heart. My heart proceeded to touch my eyes. Suddenly a few tears of joy were upon me, and I allowed myself to take in 'the moment of your sharing' as a treasure!(smiles to you)
    Most humbly,


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