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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A positively silly blog

(I'm in the wrong blog! Wtf?)

Miss Daisy Duck crinkled her left eyebrow and winked at the “Donald”.

Donald spoke up then, “You silly duck, why are you winking at me? I need some quackers, do we have any quackers?”

“Sure we do, Donald; come over here and I’ll give you a nice big quack!” She winked again. ;)

Okay a silly joke I made up so I could write a silly blog. The point for me is to stay positive. And this is okay today.

It’s hard for me to talk negative when I’m thinking (and winking) positive. I get serious and then stop winking. No, no, give me back my duck! Give me my positive life.

Do I care what anyone thinks about me anymore? Absolutely not! I like being a private, serious, happy, person. Yes, I am nuts too, but I like it. When you read my profile, that’s really who I am! I would not have anyone mislead, but I think I have been blown out of proportion. In a polite way…I love it when one of you says: “what is she thinking?”

Originally I opened this space to write. Just to write stuff without following some sort of pattern. I did not choose to blog, as in “a journal of postings concerning an on-going daily account.” I chose to be a writer, and basically I have just been “goofing off”.

Looking back I see where I had developed a different perspective. I changed my direction from where I was in September 2008. Today I find myself facing a decision I need to make for myself. To stay where I’m at or go back to the “profile” person I still am?

So in order to maintain positive anticipation I’ve called out my ducks to give me a bit of a laugh at it all. My ducks don’t know about mental distress. They figure everyone gets a bit “daffy.” (I hope you know Daisy, Donald and Daffy Duck.) I am feeling very positive right now. Losing the fear of another anxiety attack happening is freedom. Pure bliss and my ducks are on the pond. Smile for the photo finish. Quack….quack…quacks. A positively silly blog!

(dedicated to David)


  1. long, long may your positive frame of mind persist - ducks are merry birds intent on enjoying life - Tone x

  2. I heard Donald Duck went on a dirty weekend and forgot his durex, he asked the receptionist for some, she asked him if he wanted them on his bill!
    Donald said don't be STupid, i'll suffocate! hehe
    its good to be a bit quakers!!
    hugs Dixie x

  3. Thanks For Your Comments ;)

    Good To Hear Your Feeling Happy Happy Happy =)

    Take Care


    (the video to the 'sonnet')

  4. Dear dc,
    Genuinely flattered that you have dedicated this blog to me. At least I think it's me. Unless you have lots of new mates named David.
    Anyway, glad that you are glad about being positively quackers and happy at the same time.
    I'd like to think up lots more things that would quack you up, but unfortunately the tweetie bird inside my brain has gone to sleep.
    Thanks once again and stay positive, as you seem to be.
    Yours with Very Warmest Wishes,

  5. Dear 'duck'crelief
    There you go! I knew you had a silly blog in you. Perhaps I should take lessons from this blog and attempt something silly myself?
    Seriously? though, I am glad you are making that choice of positive anticipation rather than the overwhelming situation that negative speculation can create.
    What a 'fowl' blog! :-)

  6. Hi Rusty: Your joke's a scream.
    You've got to stay positive when someone is messing with ya duck.
    Dix' dux x

  7. MMI: wonderful blog you have, Thanks for sharing. The music is great.Reminds me of an old Turkish bath I never got to see except in photos. Lots of whispers; you know my dreams.
    Glad you liked the ducks.
    Dix' dux

  8. "...a jewel shining through.."
    That's what friends are for. Especially friends of Dix' dux.

  9. Dear David:
    No way it's for some other David mate person! I was reading your blog while my other computer killed viruses. I being in a cognitive fog experinced a blip and was reminded of ducks. Viola, my next blog... dedicated to you.
    Thanks for enjoying it.
    Good wishes to you, Dix dux
    FYI Klahanie handles the "TWEE" birds. Great blog Gary!

  10. Gary:
    "duckcrelief"? Crying "fowl" eh?
    Ironically the blog is akin to duck-poo. It's the comments that quack everyone up, including me.
    When you go silly, I definitely want a piece of that action, in a polite way. In a polite way.
    signed: 'duckcrelief'- no you wouldn't do silly? eh! Thanks Gary.
    Dix' dux

  11. nice light-hearted post.
    I prefer uncle scrooge with his bling though

  12. Desperado: Hmm, you have an inside track I need. hot crowd! de-dux.


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