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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've been drawing for a long time. Every subject, every face, any place, and plain old space whenever I get the chance, Until within the last six months or so, I've hadn't had the head together to do it. I have Fibromyalgia; when the fog rolls in, my brain rolls out.

Hopefully I salvaged my drawings the other day when my computer took a big hit from a virus. The
computer is sitting on the floor waiting for me to get back to run diagnostics again. I am going to give this my best shot.

On this "newer" computer, hand me down I have completed two drawings just for fun. It seems to distract me from "obssessing over my losses of the other hard drive. Like a kid, I want to kick, scream and rant about it, but it doesn't help. Taking action to try and solve the problems gives me a great feeling that I'm doing something I need for me.


  1. Make every day a day for you!

  2. LR:
    You know I try, even when the "Fog master" seeks to botch it! [:

  3. Dear dcrelief,
    I know how frustrating a time it has been for you, with the rather nasty computer fiasco you have had to endure.
    Yet, despite the frustations and the sadness, you have utilised a very positive distraction.
    You have 'illustrated' your ongoing journey of positivity remarkably well.
    Good for you. klahanie aka Gary.

  4. Dear klahanie,
    I am not stationary; I am still working hard on my goals. Thank you for the kindness.

  5. Dear dc,
    You haven't posted a blog in waht must be about five days now, which seems unusual for you. So, I hope that your computer problems pass soon, and you continue to work hard on your goals, whatever they may be.
    Hoping you are well,
    With Very Best Wishes,

  6. Dear David,
    Transparency: my computer went down; then I developed a stress-related, Fibromyalgia Fog, affecting cognitive abilities; lastly new computer is incompetent.
    I am ever so grateful to have friends such as you, take a nothing blog and make it positive!!
    Both computers get reloaded tonight.
    The hard part is finding my brain in the Fog!
    Thank you David; the next blog is for you.
    Best wishes to you,

  7. d.s. I miss you. hope you are well sir. dc


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