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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Portals of Earth

When I found this rather curious ruin I wondered where the place was. It’s called “Glen of the Downs”, Wicklow. I think it’s a rather enchanting ruin looking out to the trees and meadow below it. The arched windows remind me of portals; stepping over and through to the outside and the adventure waiting there. A place of real existence in the land of Ireland calls me and I long to answer the voice.

Go through these portals of earth and where will you arrive? It almost appears as a place that time has passed over. Winding dirt roads, tall hedgerows, and the sweet stillness of silence greet each of us who transport ourselves to a time of peace. Shall we ever return? Why, lest we break the secrecy of this wonderland and lose the so long sought green freshness of pure life. I would remain for as long as possible, if not forever.


  1. It looks a beautiful place, but then County Wicklow is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, love Julie xx

  2. Hello Julie
    Nice to know of someone who knows of the place. I would love to see it. My thanks for your comment.
    In peace, dcrelief

  3. Ah 'tis a beautiful picture of a beautiful place. Indeed, it is a lovely blog. The call of the 'Emerald Isle'. Wonderful stuff dcrelief.
    My neighbour is from Dublin. Going to have a word with him, maybe he will take me over there the next time he goes. What a plan! Warm wishes klahanie:-)

  4. Klahanie:
    I hope you do get to visit and then come back with interesting tales of the isle for us.
    In peace, dcrelief


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