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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alistair Cookie: in my small world!

Hello, “Alistair Cookie” here! I invite you into my small world of small things and hope you’ll leave with the understanding that I am a narrator of great and marvelous things… that I am exploring… in my small world.

Now, let’s just take a look into my computer and observe the files I have under “tiny moments of happiness.” Oops I seemed to have misplaced my keyboard. Oh no, no bother, this is my small television! I wanted to be near the computer! I suppose we’ll continue without the computer since I don’t walk, and am actually quite ingeniously, balancing myself at this console.

So there! Our first topic for narration: finding balance and keeping it. Amazingly I have not pitched a small fit to be near the computer. I am learning to be content with the surroundings I find myself placed in. That is growth for most and a remarkable feat for those who’ve not learned how to move their feet in a walking motion; alas, some still crawl.

So there! Our second topic for narration: motivation and what gets you there. Often I feel motivated by the sweet smell of cookies basking in the glorious oven. Their aroma wets my small appetite and I crawl, yes, crawl to find the satisfaction I crave. Oh… but crawling and groveling may sound so pitiful to many of you: you always have the option to cry out and solicit help. In the end it is going to depend upon how badly you want a cookie, or whatever it is you’re seeking.

So there! Our third and final topic for narration: how badly do you want what you want? When “Fluffy” my beloved cat got in the way of my cookie goal, I accidentally grabbed his tail to propel me toward the path to the kitchen. I use the term “accidentally” loosely, as I was truly sorry later for thinking his tail might actually assist me in getting closer to the kitchen… and the coveted cookies. Later as I sat on the floor munching a cookie, I sought to share with Fluffy who seemed more interested in my toes covered in cat food from an earlier balancing, motivation thing; I realized how much Fluffy means.

So there! I might want something and really put out the cat, put out the screaming, and end up off-balance… and oh dear… I hope you get it. This is “Alistair Cookie” saying: good day! (Mom! Where’s my computer?)


  1. Well hello again, Alistair Cookie! You sure do write some clever little stories.
    All your tales lead to, after your balancing act, (I can imagine how confused the cat was), to the pursuit of cookies and finding the computer.
    I wonder what your favourite cookie is? I think cookies are yummy..hmmm..must go and get some cookies...:-)

  2. Klahanie:
    I have a passion for choco-chip oatmeal, devotion to coconut macaroons, a drooling mess for peanut butter.
    My ultimate goal: a cookie in each hand while carefully balancing.
    Sir you are most kind; have a cookie. Big AL

  3. Cookie is cute.
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  4. donsworld:
    You have a most interesting and peaceful site. I hope you'll continue your creations.
    Glad you like "Cookie".
    Sincerely, dcrelief

  5. Hi Alistair Cookie!
    Guess what I did? Well Alistair, I got to thinking about cookies. So I went of to the shop and bought some double chocolate chip cookies.
    I am sitting here eating some of the cookies right now. Whoops! silly me, just got some cookie crumbs on my keyboard.
    Bye Alistair. You be good :-)

  6. Sir Klahanie!
    Double choco-chips?! Yum.
    Excuse me, it's hard to tell the new drool from the old droll as I'm (bnhdddodaa) dropping biscuits crumbs on the keyboard. Yes, you inspired me to sample a biscuit. My devoted cat, "Fluffy" has kindly given me one of his. Not as good as (dksjsc;wq) choco-chip oatmeal, but great for the litle teeth I am sprouting.
    Thank you for revisiting; enjoy the cookies for us both. This is Alistair Coo.. got to go sir, Mum's coming! "uh.. wowwwww," I was eating that.


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