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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Badlands National Park

You don't know how much sky you're missing until someone takes a photo like this. Way off in the distance the photo reveals city light.

In the days of my youth I would lay out in the backyard, without a blanket - straight on the ground. Shooting stars were better than TV on a Saturday morning.

Excuse me, I have the urge to go shoot out the green city lamp across from my home. Shhh.


  1. Have you shot out that lamp yet?

    Gary :)

  2. Hello my friend. There was a time when extinguishing that lamp would have been pure joy. Today wouldn't you know, it carries a penalty to do just that? Alas, said lamp continues. On the other hand some say that going green is welcomed. What? So, Gary, instead I hung heavier curtains at the window.(sigh)
    And you? Are there any lamps you've yet to extinguish or refresh?

    Good to have your visit. I've been reading along your blog and wow (!) you do have some things going on across the pond... and yours aren't green either! Be well and be sure to keep me inspired.
    Love, Dixie

  3. wrist rocket sling shot or pellet gun?

  4. Hello Dixie,

    I have been waiting for nearly three weeks to have vertical blinds installed in my new, very posh apartment. It's a good thing that the forest of trees across the way still have their leaves on. That way, no unsuspecting person could see me dancing nude in front of my bedroom window. Yes, I'm kidding about that! :)

    I plan to have the glowing beacon of hope glow a bit brighter each and everyday. How corny was that!

    Yes, a lot of challenges, my kind friend. Like your good self, I shall tackle them with a smile on my face :)

    Be well and thanks for your lovely reply, my dear friend.

    Gary x

  5. Okay Gary, that was some glowing comment. I refer of course to the poor trees and the dance routine, was it?

    Keep smiling and hey, what about all those Penny fans on your blog!!!



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