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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

by the light

By all means, the lights must stay on.

As I child I explored the world of darkness. There were many moments of fervent adventure under my bed covers to places unknown. Yes, there might be the occasional lamp or flashlight to abolish a creepy feeling, but I never thought the light would become a necessity. And who paid for light? Wasn't that a gift from the Creator I so loved? Wasn't night time darkness simply the sun taking a nap? And hey! Why wasn't the moon always around? The biggest night time lamp available that wasn't always shining; what was the deal?

This photo captured the essence of my most recent adventure.  I'm mostly all grown up and yet keeping the light has become more important that playing in the dark. Arrggghhh! One day you realise how much a power system holds you captive. The company that provides it is the big bogeyman monopoly... not unlike the game of the same name... you can purchase stock in it you know?

It's a hard climb but I think I've finally reached a place where I can plug in. I cannot control the price of the therms... just wear more thermals when it's cold. Summertime will soon brings it's own irrational thoughts to be dealt with. Maybe an ice pack in my lap while I'm at the laptop?!! Either way, damn it, by all means... the lights must stay on.

Do you have a choice of energy companies where you live or a monopoly like I live with???

Or what do you think about the photo? I found it while looking for new light fixtures! This could actually work for me.


  1. It looks like the little fella is trying to off himself to me.-)

  2. Hey Dixie!

    Luckily, we have a choice in so far as to which power company lights up my life. No, not Debbie Boone.

    My electrics is supplied via my gas company. Very strange having gas coming out of my wall sockets :)

    I like that photo. I think the little dude is ready for a switch.

    Keep smiling, y'all...

    Gary :)

  3. We have a choice of companies in the UK - at least in theory, but the prices keep leaping upwards - like your little man - regardless of choice.

  4. Yes Mike! And with the Asian populace deciding their own currency, US is...


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