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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

we came, we saw, we moved

No, this is not a Halloween costume. Besides it's still September and I have a complaint to lodge with the world. Why don't people respect Gypsies? We're smart, we're happy, and most are pleasant to gaze upon.

You may think I'm a child 7-8 years of age? It's an old family secret and I'm actually 32. Many sights I've seen over the years... lived allover Europe. If someone gets chosen to be rejected or evicted we seem to be first choice. 

Then again, most  of us have homes that are mobile. I bought this little camper when I was 27; already had the truck. The tires are kept in good shape for times when I have to leave. Like the recent Olympics in London. In 2007 we were all moved to a temporary site with a "promise" of a new home soon. The Olympics have come and gone and we're still here. No view in sight of a "promised" home. Seems someone forgot about our agreement. 

Well, that's the way  it goes. For some of you, the following video might seem a bit over the top. I link to it to let you know that things have not changed very much. We still have a "Queen of the Gypsies." Long live the Queen! And we still seem to flush out the rudest people. Have a watch... bye-bye for now.


  1. I am actually fascinated by gipsies and their culture but it happens that Romania has many representatives of this beautiful ethnic group , that...don't abide by the law...I was mugged, held at knife point and almost raped, not to mention being harassed by an old gipsy lady...All these unfortunate events increased my fear towards ...some of them..Kisses Dixie :)>

  2. You know, 'unikorna' I debated on the Cher video: "Gypsies, tramps, and thieves" ha ha ha... but I really will always love Lucy!

    Oh yes, I read a lot from Wikipedia; interesting people. Thank you for visiting!


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