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Sunday, August 26, 2012

In our world...

I watch the water cover my feet
the sand between my toes is neat...
The foam at play and I am smitten
by wondrous coast that is Great Britain...

The boats I sail along the shore
caught by the wind and waves of yore...
Are found by boys that love the sea
And soon they sail them back to me...

In my dreams are thoughts of agility
to conquer life through my ability...
My strength is stronger than the labels
of those who fear a life disabled...

So one may swim, one may sail,
one may ride into the gale...
Yet we are here to give our best...
and give the word, disabled, a happy rest...

In our world... we are the normal.


  1. Well said! We are indeed all normal, sometimes our cover gets a bit ruffled but so what.

  2. Charming and said with eloquence. I think you should be declared Dame of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island!
    Most people I know who tried and failed to get Olympic tickets and now going to the Paralympics. The support for this second round of sport is phenomenal and will, I believe, change the way the Paralympics are viewed for ever. I'm off to the athletics on Friday morning.
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. I would love to write poetry like that. Your words have meaning and if everyone were to truly let them sink into their confused and often times, distracted minds, they would see the truth in them and quite possibly, gain understanding and truth.

    Take care, Dixie.

  4. bazza, thank you for the compliment; I am humbled. Just as Rogers and Hammerstein wrote: "There is nothing like a dame," I would wear the title with honor. ah, ha, ha.

    Lucky you, again, off to see some events! I have every reason to believe you are right. Change your belief and you change your behavior. Have great fun; taking the grandsons?

  5. Kelly, I've no doubt that whatever you set your mind to do... believing you can, will get it done. To me, you're one of those people who "shoot straight from the hip."

    I appreciate your comment so very much. It serves to support the description of my blog... "Stripping away the rose-colored glasses..."
    Take care.

  6. That I am, Dixie. I tell like it is. Honest to a fault. :) And I've written a few poems, myself. Not bragging, really, but one of them was published in a book.

    Take care. Dixie. Always a pleasure visiting your blog.

  7. Hi Dixie,
    What wondrous prose you have at hand, to describe the magic of this enchanting land.
    There is no disability but ability. You have so eloquently alluded to this.
    Beautiful poetry. Beautiful sentiments. Thank you.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx


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