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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boo-boos' blessings

Not every fall has helped me glean such blessings as I have this time. The last I wrote I had fallen down my basement stairs. My back ended up in great shape; perfect for the first in 20 years; hallelujah! I'm no longer in danger of becoming paralyzed. Good thing too, as I'm dangerous with those electric chairs in the grocery store, ha ha ha.

Yet the old bod took some good hits and swelling has been a biggie for yours truly. You can see the three places where my left leg hit three steps. My shoulder was knocked out of place, but I didn't realize I had chipped my jawbone. As the song goes: "Ice ice baby!" As for my head, as long as I'm, "still crazy after all these years," I guess I'm normal.

It was the first time I wished I had a video cam; might have made $10,000 on one of those video shows!! Imagine the look on my face upon realizing I was standing in air, 30 inches from the concrete floor.(Wow) With all that cracking going on you'd have thought I was shelling pecans, lol. Every little vertebrae had it's own party! "Snap, crackle, pop....rice crispy body!" I'm so happy I've retained some humor.

A good friend of mine has taken me to therapy, every other day, for four weeks. Bless her life as she's blessed mine. It's easier to be cheerful and positive when someone stands, with you, for recovery from any thing.

Today I'm headed back to church and my adult class; missed two weeks. The neat part is that I've become close to many ladies in my class. They call me, "the kid" as I'm the youngest! So much I can't believe I'm even attending, but I'm being blessed with their presence in my life.

And~ I've missed my blog friends. Haven't thought of anything to write about except pain; boring. Forgive me for not getting to your blogs. I have lots to catch up on... here and at home. I'll be back soon. Thank you.


  1. Well, first off, after what you've been through and the pain you're still going through, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I hope you are able to take it easy. It sounds like an incredibly painful fall. I doubt if anyone would have been laughing seeing that video, but hey, ya never know. You could have sent the video to America's Funniest Home Videos and you could have won money for some kind of twisted category maybe. I have a rule. You can only laugh at dumb skateboarders when they fall because they know what kind of stupid risk(s) they're taking- so with that logic, I feel it's fine n' dandy to laugh at 'em. Bust your heads open, ya freaks!

    But I digress... I like that picture and the words that went with it at the top of your post. That is so true. Though things don't turn out how you planned, it could be that that's just the way it was meant to be. Wise.

    Take great care of yourself.

  2. Gee Kelly...

    It only hurts when I laugh (while standing on one leg); the other leg, not so much.

    Yes, I like the 'boxed saying' too; started to post it alone. But nooo, I wanted 'to share', ha ha.

    Thanks so very much.


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