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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Take a chance

Wow, I think this might be a good resolution! Any takers??


  1. Dear Dixie,
    If you read my new post, you will see I've resolved to make no resolutions this year, as it seems that many are doomed to failure. However, I do like this little saying you've come across. Maybe I should try it!
    Very Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to you,

  2. David,
    This saying really works for me. Posted it on my mirror, so I read it as I brush my teeth, LOL.

    Happy New Year! I really enjoyed your blog and that photo!
    In peace,

  3. Hey Dixie,
    Those are wise and profound words. Despite my resolution to not have a resolution. I resolve to resolutely reflect on reflections.
    Thanks for the 'mirror' image :)
    Wishing you a peaceful, inspirational and uplifting New Year. You deserve it!
    In kindness, your friend, Gary

  4. That sounds good to me. I'll take that wise philosophy and run as fast as I can with it. Take care!

  5. OMG, Gary. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. I can't stop laughing.

    Thank you for that golden comment; I am already feeling up and inspired. Whee!

    Good thoughts your way,

  6. Hi Kelly... flamethrowers are on sale at Lowe's... wait, what? It's the footlong lights for cookouts; my mistake!
    Happy 2012!

  7. Words of wisdom...make perfect really does says alot... pointing us in the right direction.


  8. EL-OH luv, Just thought I'd sneek in an' say howdy. I've an eye-dear ser ewe... a neat gnu site might bee fer ewe tah eauxpin a sumpin called "my prose to your pics". folks send yah sumpin they took via camera an' ewe write them mah-vell-us words that you dew.
    Gist a thought. OM

  9. Hi Paul; you're right.

    I prayed for a problem's solution and it seemed I first needed awareness of my part.

    This little sharing hung in my email for weeks; seems I didn't 'see' it until recently.

    Thank you for visiting,

  10. Omegetymon,
    Hope you've been well. Send me the link; sounds like fun and joy! Thanks for keeping me in mind.


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