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Saturday, December 3, 2011

in starry realm

In the middle of the night... a small babe myself... hugged the window sill to view 'the star'. So there was a birth to remember and now a star to help me remember it. Well, I wanted my own star! Why was this the only babe with a star? ~And why did it seem to appear every year over my home? Still, it was so beautiful; it just had to mean something more than reminding us of a birth.

As a child, I noticed storm clouds that hid the viewing of the star. Where did it go? It's great brightness decided to shine elsewhere? I grew and realized the wise magi followed this same star for two years. Guess they never had storm clouds. The babe was two years old, living in a house with his parents, when the magi arrived with gifts and worship. I knew nothing of worship but gifts were something else.

Hmmm, get a star, get a gift? Wait! Every year that I watched for this star I had a gift, waiting for me, the next morning. I didn't understand but I was aging faster than the babe, so I had more time, I think...
Then again, the reasoning power of a four year is perfect but flawed.


  1. Greetings DC! This was a cute enchanting story. How cute was that?! Yes, as children we have all sorts of imaginary fantasies, but this is the first I have ever read concerning a star! Thanks for sharing a childhood memory.....Later....

  2. I don't know, Magic Chef... now it's claimed to be a comet. But if it twinkles in the sky, the four year old will always think it's a star!

    Have a good day with your received 'enchantment'. Thank you


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