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Saturday, July 16, 2011


As people take their journey,
that starts at birth and ends at death

Some feel their footsteps mounting,
refreshed with every breath

When long ago I watched someone
who climbed this blessed stair

I said 'goodbye' and promised that
I'd meet them in the air.

So in my time of earthbound days
this journey I'll complete.

Then take the stairs that carry me
to heaven's holy seat.


  1. Just what I needed today.
    Thank you

  2. Just beautiful, Dixie ~
    I think we love looking at the sky because our spirits climb that stairway ~ and we can almost make it in our minds, hearts and souls ~
    We stand on the other side of a very thin veil ~
    *happy Sunday to you*

  3. Hi Bert.
    You're very kind. Thanks for visiting.

  4. Thank you, Maria. Your sky photos inspired me.
    "Happy Sunday" and thanks for vising

  5. Hi Dixie,
    Beautifully articulated and indeed, a most thoughtful poem. Thanks Dixie and I hope you had a most peaceful and positive Sunday.
    With kindness and consideration, your way, Gary :)

  6. Hi Gary.

    Forgive my lateness in answering.

    The photo was on a cartoon site. So real, it reminded me of a stairway I actually saw once.

    Glad you enjoyed the poem.
    Thank you,


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