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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Lotus Life

Our life is like the lotus flower,
Waiting for the birthing hour
We float in water, in joyous mirth,
To share our beauty in the earth

While in the womb, we often sing,
Then popping out with leaves of green
Such tender buds point to the sky
To drink in light as we float by

We're given years to equal petals.
Our hearts grow up among the nettles.
But we survive to seize the day,
Allowing love its joyous way

Our years pass by and as we fade,
The lotus once so gently made,
Is traveling through the thick of night,
Arriving in a different light

A different light of golden measure
Our faded petals are now a treasure
We stand in awe of light we see
And dwell with love’s eternity


  1. HI Dixie!
    This is such a beautiful poem!
    It is so true about life, how time passes and how, with aging ~ our formed bodies, become more and more "formless" and the spirit that is within, glows all the more. I notice this with my 86 year old father. His hair becomes so much whiter with each passing year ~ and he glows all the more from within.
    What an inspiring poem!
    Dixie ~ you surely may use my photo! Do you believe I "staged" the trash basket photo?!!! LOL
    Sometimes I make myself laugh :o)
    Have a wonderful week!
    We're having oooodles of rain... I traveled to and from a long weekend visit to my father's in this yucky northeast rain. But, I traveled safely back and really need to clean my house. So it's a good thing I'm not tempted to sip tea on the front porch all afternoon!
    Happy Easter dear ♥
    God bless you always* I know He does ♥ Maria

  2. Hi Maria,
    What an inspiring comment you've left!! Thank you.
    I loved your post, photos and all! Thank you for allowing me to post part of it :)

    The poem is my celebration of my Mom, who passed April 17, 1997. A great Mother and friend.

    Rain, yes, rain for many weeks, but I choose to see it as necessary if summer brings warmish temps.

    We had 30-50 mph winds. My wind chime tree was severely trashed. Yet even that made me smile as the chimes were so happily sounding. The harmony amazed me! It will grow back.

    I'm so glad you arrived home safely. When the home is done I hope you take time, sipping your tea slowly, knowing you've made my day better.

    Happy Easter, my friend. God has blessed with 'meeting' you.

  3. I like to read poems without explanations (at least until afterwards). So I was pleased to read this lovely piece before seeing your comment, above.
    It's a wonderful tribute to a loved one and a thing of graceful elegance in its own right.
    Thank you for sharing it.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  4. Hi Bazza,

    You've left a very generous and gracious comment. It makes me happy that you enjoyed the poem. Thank you so much for letting me know.

    Take care and enjoy your week,

  5. Hi Dixie; I really loved your poem and I'm glad it's to someone as special as your Mom. I just planted a white lilac tree in my front yard to honour the tenth anniversary of my Mom's passing. She loved lilacs and the white ones especially. You are very talented and I'm glad I get to enjoy your thoughts. Happy Easter and God Bless!!

  6. Dixie, I'm quite taken with this poem of yours. I've been gone for a while due to work, but what a lovely, beautiful surprise waited for me when I came to visit you today.

    Your words hold great meaning for me. The comparison you've made between the lotus/life is magnificent.

    Maria's comment about her father 'glowing' as each year passes - I just loved that.

    You deserve many kudos for this poem, my friend. It's brilliant!

    Happy Easter,

  7. Hi Dixie,
    A wondrous and stirring poem. Indeed, even more poignant that the poem is a celebration of your dear mother.
    May you and your loved ones have a most peaceful and positive Easter.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary.

  8. Hi Heather.
    I often think of you when I'm writing about my Mom. To me it's like "Moms' club". I relate to every loss of one. I admire your strength and often re-read your posts to give me peace and/or some balance I need. Thank you for very kind words!

    I hope school is going well. Happy Easter to you, Wayne and the children.

    Love, Dixie

  9. Hi M.
    You've been in my thoughts and prayers, so it's especially nice to hear from you. I hope you have some time to rest this weekend. Don't go out hiding eggs!!

    I'm glad you like the poem; I really feel proud of this one.

    Oh 'that' glowing is a Spirit of love. I can 'see' auras... the lighter the color, the brighter the Spirit.

    M, such a wonderful and lovely comment~ thank you. I wish you and your Mom a peaceful, beautiful Easter.


  10. Hi Gary.
    You and Penny (aka the MIS) are really cranking out the posts over there... and some serious funny stuff.

    Thank you for letting me know how you felt about the poem. Writing this gave me a sense of freedom from grief.

    I don't guess you'll be dying eggs, but maybe an 'egg and spoon' race at your place.

    Happy Easter and a great weekend, your way, Dixie

  11. Happy Easter, Dixie!
    God bless you always,
    Peace, Joy and Hope to you ♥

  12. Maria,
    Thank you. We had a lovely day. Sunny and pretty. Hope you a good time too. Thank you for leaving this note!!
    Love, Dixie


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