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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Reflection

In the coolness of a morning
My sweet cubs come to drink
And ~
They see themselves as I was
Recognizing the reflection

I am rare and some would seek me
For trophy’s gain and outer beauty ~

In jungle brush and flowered tree
They make-believe it is my duty ~

To stand and roar but never flee
For the shot that rings incessantly ~

And takes me down
Where my cubs mourn
Until ~
In the coolness of a morning
My sweet cubs come to drink
And ~
They see themselves as I was
Recognizing the reflection


  1. Dear Dixie,
    Please excuse me for not commenting in a while, but I presume this must be one of the many poems rattling around in your head.
    You are very creative,dc, and I really like this poem.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  2. Hi Dixie. Did you write the poem and paint the picture in the previous post?
    That's too much talent for one person!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Dear David,

    'Rattling' - good word! And thank you; I'm very glad you liked the poem.

    Visit and comment as you'd like, or maybe not. I'm grateful.

    Take care,

  4. Hi bazza.

    The original post (The Pink Forest) told the story about the sketch work and subsequent painting that I did. Yes, my painting is in the state of Pennsylvania; owned by my niece. Click on the picture to see my name and the details, if you'd like.

    The poem is recent and I don't know why I chose a different title than the painting's title?

    Thank you for the compliment and the visit.

  5. Good morning, Dixie! I finally have a day off - so here I am visiting you! I was profoundly moved by your poem - the picture is very beautiful, paralleling your words perfectly.

    The circle of life repeats itself in all living things - over and over again. But the unnecessary destruction of living things saddens me. Our lives should reflect in appreciation, in joy, of nature's rare and wonderful elements. Yet, some seek only to destroy it.

    Really good work on this, Dixie. Hope you have a great Sunday...


  6. Hi M,

    I'm so grateful for your visit; hope you enjoyed your day off.

    Nature and the creatures are precious to me. You're not alone in your concern.

    Many blessings to you.


  7. Hi Dixie!
    Oh I was just watching a special on public tv this week about the tiger. How they are still hunted in some communities of India. They are so beautiful. Your poem really captures the essence of their plight.
    I hope your days have been as sunny as mine ~ we're in for more snow this weekend, so I rejoiced in the sunshine these last few days!
    *Wishing you much joy*

  8. Hi Maria!

    I wanted to see that program but missed it. Public tv is the best!

    We had a couple of days of 'scattered sunshine' but it remained blustery and chilly. :)

    Thank you, and I'm glad you liked the poem. I've really enjoyed your blog!

    In peace,



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