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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The little love

Oh creature of delight, may I speak to you
Of the little love I feel?
I am small but my heart is growing larger
And before your love, I kneel

(“What? You’re kidding me?”)

Your little love’s been rubbing fur with Henry
So your love was never mine?
You say the cage hole isn’t large enough
Until you birth eight or nine?

(“Good on you, Henry.”)

Oh creature of delight, I’ll find another,
Who will be my tiny bride?
And cherish passion and devotion
For little love that still abides

(“Ciao baby!”)

‘Hammy Gerbilicious’
The Gerbil Shakespeare Chorus


  1. You gave me a smile with this one, Dixie. I wish Hammy well. Hopefully, he finds a sweet valentine, and his next song will be full of gerbilicious joy!

    What a fun post!

  2. Hi Dixie,
    Now this was too cute. Hammy is my hero! :-)
    And, my good friend, whilst I am here, visiting your delightful site, would you possibly do me the great honour and drop by my shy and humble blog? For awaits thee is a very special and good award:-)
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  3. M, you've made my day! (Hahaha) I'll keep you updated on Hammy's adventures.

    In peace,

  4. Hi Gary,
    Hammy took 'eloquent speech' 101 at the local library. Your 'hero' is a bonified Shakespearean trooper... of the super-duper kind.

    Okay I'll have at look at your shy sight... with 3,876 comments!!

    Thank you. In peace,


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