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Friday, December 31, 2010

A breath of stars

What is it that I have taken in over the years I’ve lived?
Dreams allowed access to my heart as truth~ so young and not so smart yet.
At my age can I now be considered wise?
No, but I consider myself happy.

Do I release my dreams into the night air, like a breath of stars, into the sky?
It can be a single exhale~ I’ve no need to hold back.
Send them to safety and commit them to occur as they will or will not.
So many dreams prompt me to exhale more than once.

Is it better to give than to receive, believing the gifting is the greater blessing?
It is our dreams that move us~ we join in this universe of breath.
A breath of stars sent from each person to the sky.
To fall upon us later when we are ready and find our happiness from within.


  1. And may that happiness from within embrace your being with dreamy and star like revelation.

  2. Gary,
    Have you seen "Spaceballs: The Movie"? I feel like I've gone "straight to plaid." An all encompensing sense of peace and growing faith.
    Thank you; Happy New Year:)

  3. Hi Julie,
    Thank you, thank you!
    I probably should have used the photo instead of my painting. The monocramatic nature doesn't do well when sprayed with a gloss finish. When summer arrives I'll take it outside and use a matte finish.

  4. Dixie, I'm so in awe of your talent, as I didn't realise that it was your art and not a photo - Wow :) xoxox

  5. Julie, the photo is much darker and on a black background it seemed to lose it's mystery affect.
    And the gloss made my painting too shiny... so I rubbed baby powder on it to dull it down. (LOL) It's clean now but spring will be a warmer time. Sprays don't like cold weather.
    Still I'm glad you liked it; makes my day! Dixie xxxox


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